Heart Surgery at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital

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The three Charlotte programs had reported previous year operating room utilization for cardiac surgery with the following statistics: Mercy Hospital at 36.3 percent, Presbyterian Hospital 78.5 percent and Carolinas Medical Center at 84.5 percent. Procedure volume increased yearly at both the Carolinas Medical Center and Presbyterian hospital. The two hospitals open heart surgery suites operated 78.5 percent of nominal capacity (ibid, 812).

The Carolinas Medical Center has six rooms that were classified at were  open heart surgery/thoracic suites, submitted a CON application for an additional open heart surgery room. Unfortunately, earlier in the year Carolinas Medical Center withdrew their application their CON application since the Department of Facilities Services requires a rate of 80 percent or higher (ibid).

This is also the case with Mercy Hospital whose heart program has not followed a year-to growth utilization pattern. Room utilization had been under 50 percent each year for the previous ten years. Also, Mercy Hospital did not appear to reach the proposed CMH open heart service area. In the previous year only 9% of the 174 people from Cabarrus County and none from Rowan County received open heart surgery at Mercy Hospital. Due to this , the pattern poses a perceived as well as a real barrier to access at Mercy for people in the Cabarrus Memorial Hospital area counties. Moreover, it appears that Mercy Hospital appeared to serve an actual population that was much more south and east of Charlotte (ibid).

Given the projected demographic trends and the actual statistics from the surrounding hospitals considered above, it is obvious that the  business for open heart surgery is moving into the Cabarrus Memorial Hospital area. In the interim however, the hospital administrators on the Board will have to consider possible alternative strategies before making a  go/no-go decision on the possible addition of the open heart program. Unfortunately, a helicopter medevac average price is $7,500-$8000. This will of course vary based upon the medications and supplies used during trip ("How much does," 2011).

First of all, in the opinion of the author, we have identified an access problem for…[continue]

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