Home Depot in New York City

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Home depot in New York City

Downtown versus suburban

There are notable differences in trading area size and characteristics for a downtown and a suburban location for a Home Depot as depicted in the case study and these are;

The trading area for a Home Depot is smaller in downtown when compared to the one located in suburban area. This is evident from the fact that the home depot located in Manhattan does not have space for modification of the stores exterior due to its location in landmark preservation area. The Home Depot stores in downtown areas also lack some departments due to limited trading area for instance the lack of lumber department which is obviously present in a suburb home depot store. Due to limited trading area the stores in downtown locations store some products while others are available only on demand which is not the case in stores in suburban areas since they stock a wider variety of products within their stores without necessarily subjecting the clients to long waiting periods for products.

Suburban home depots have different characteristics from downtown Home Depots. Because of the large number of clients there is a doorman who helps the customers…[continue]

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