Home Depot in New York City

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Location and site selection of the Home Depot

While choosing a site to establish a Home Depot, there are fundamental issues that have to be looked into and these vary between the urban and the suburban setting. Within the town, the rents can be quite high hence one fundamental factor to consider in the town setting is the rent payable for the location. Rents in suburban areas are lower as compared to those in downtown areas.

Bearing the large number of clientele base in the towns, the availability of parking space is yet another consideration to put into account when selecting a venue for locating a Home Depot in town. This is in contrast to the suburban setting where the clientele will not require large parking lots and even if they required, it is usually readily available.

The frequency of the clients and the population within a given region in town is yet another factor to put into account while selecting a site in the town setting. The store should be located at a point where there is a large number of likely clients and the walk-in clientele is promising. This will mean the selection of the site must be towards a region where people walk through or drive through a lot while going or coming from their work places or other daily commitments. This is not necessarily a pressing issue in the suburban regions since the populace there is definite as they are confined to that particular home town.

Manhattan stores and the community

The Home Depot stores in Manhattan should be made in such a way that they are easily accepted by the community. One of the central issue in ensuring the store is acceptable to the people of Manhattan is through involving itself in community social responsibility (CSR) programs. This will endear them to the community in Manhattan who will have a feeling of belonging as the store will be taking care of their needs in a way.

There should also be numerous advertisements that will make people aware of the products and the prices they will get them at. They should also stock high quality products that will attract the clients and also retain them. The…[continue]

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