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According to LiveScience, biology is the “science of life.” While this definition of biology may seem very broad and all-encompassing, it is the best definition of biology that we have encountered. Biology is the science and study of life. However, when talking about biology as a course or class, it is both more and less than the science of life. Generally, it begins with the study of very specific structures, known as cells, which serve as the basic building blocks for life on planet Earth.

In fact, many introductory biology courses begin with an introduction to the basics of cell structure. Complex organisms contain a variety of different cells, while single-celled or simple organisms may contain only one type of cell. However, all of these cells share similar structures and engage in certain processes that show an underlying similarity between different types of life.… [ Read More ]

Biology and Social Construction Involved in Training

Biology and Social Construction Involved in Training Children It has been quite a continuing debate over the years upon whether biology and genetics play a more important role in the upbringing of children and adaptation of roles or whether social construction and nurture overrides the innate nature. As soon as the child is born and opens his or her eyes into the world, there is a need to determine the kind of person they are……[more]

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Biology in the Real World Stem Cells

Biology in the Real World Stem Cells Almost all life forms have stem cells in them and the main purpose of these cells is that through the process of mitosis they can divide into other various kinds of cells as well as into other stem cells. In animals there are 2 kinds of stem cells: Embryonic stem cells and Adult stem cells. The embryonic stem cells are the ones that are completely unattached from the……[more]

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Biology Philosophy the Humanities One Can Successfully Argue

Biology/Philosophy The Humanities One can successfully argue that yes, the humanities are in fact a manifestation of biology. In doing so, of course, there is a fairly liberal definition of the term biology, as well as of what is meant by the humanities. Biology, in its most broad sense, is simply the evolution of life. That evolution includes the minute and microscopic processes that occur within the body, as well as the overarching or outlying……[more]

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Biology Experiments Sex Protein Is as Essential

Biology Experiments Sex protein is as essential part of the female reproductive system. Vitellogenin is a protein found in the liver of female chickens (hen) which impacts the production of estrogen. Vitellogenin enters the hen's circulatory system and is then moved to the ovaries, where it is then converted to the egg yolk protein lipovitellin and phosvitin. As an experimenter the protein in male and female chickens can be compared through the process of electrophoresis.……[more]

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Biology as a Cross Interdisciplinary Study

There are many different types of website that talk about biology; some of them include university websites which allows access to differing portals of biological information. Such websites as University of Michigan's "biology resource network" is an important source of information for all access to biology articles and databases from U. Of Michigan scholars and professors. Other websites include organization websites such as those of the American Society of Environmental Biology, and other such organizations……[more]

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Biology Living and Non Living Things

There are about 6 billion nucleotide letters of a particular sequence in a human cell. The full set is known as the genome. DNA information is found in units called genes. One gene codes roughly for one protein. The proteins perform most of the functions of the body at the cellular level. Examples are digestion, the body's defense against disease, and transporting substances throughout the body. Thousands of proteins are needed to do the work……[more]

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Biology Qs CA2 Ions Have

8) Diffusion refers to the tendency of molecules to spread out evenly amongst each other due to their kinetic energy. Osmosis is the balancing out of the concentration of two solutions -- usually in water -- through a membrane. 9) They could also be acting as clotting agents in the event of a cut/tear, or possibly isolate an area of weakness or infection through clustering around it. 10) A red blood cell needs to be……[more]

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Biology and Behavior

Biology of Behavior A Multipolar Neuron The Limbic System Behavior is the range of mannerisms and actions that an organism makes, and is seen in conjunction with the environment or themselves. Their environment includes the inanimate items in their physical world, and also the organisms and systems around them. Artificial entities and systems can also exhibit behaviors, as behavior is not strictly the domain of single, individual organisms. There is a strong relationship between behavior……[more]

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Discipline of Biology Is Very

Whereas, people needing a broad understanding of biological concepts may want to review books instead. The end result is that there is a litany of literary sources for biological resource; the chief concern is to frame the right questions to find appropriate research. Works Cited Neil Campbell, Biology (7th edition), Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company, 2004, hardcover Johnson George B. 2005 "Biology, Visualizing Life." Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. PLos Biology. (n.d.). Retrieved February 26, 2007, from……[more]

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Biology and Human Behavior

Biology of Behavior The biology of human behavior is rooted in the fact that human beings are animals, in the sense that they are biological creatures and are the result of millions of years of evolution with a physical make up that forms us into creatures that are fitter and more suitable for surviving and adapting to the physical environment all together. Even though a human being is still an animal the biology of our……[more]

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Cancer Cell Biology the Fundamental

In the tissue culture, they usually proliferate indefinitely. The normal constraints which limit the growth of the cells absent in the cancerous state and are also characterized by the division ability for number of generations which is unlimited. Cell cycle and cancer With millions of chemical reactions taking place concurrently and in specific areas, the human body can be thought of as a small laboratory. It is the only "machine" with the ability to save……[more]

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B And T Lymphocytes the Biology of

B and T. Lymphocytes The Biology of B. And T. Lymphocytes and the Reactions between Them The Biology of B. Lymphocytes B lymphocytes originated in 1960s and 1970s era through experiments conducted in animal models, clinical evaluation of patients having immune system diseases, and the nascent technology of cell surface molecule characterization. In fact, the origin of B. And T. lymphocytes took place simultaneously. The differentiation of the haematopoietic stem cells gives birth to the……[more]

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Cell Biology

G Protein-Linked Receptors An organism must respond appropriately to its internal and external environments day after day in order to survive. The organism's cells respond to internal and external stimuli much like tiny computers that process numerous inputs and also produce numerous outputs in daily existence (Kennedy 2004). These stimuli are signals that come from the general environment or the cells of other or co-existing organisms, proximate or distant, and this exchange of stimuli and……[more]

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Cell and Its Components

CELL & ITS COMPONENTS Biology Biologists, researchers, and professionals of many disciplines study the nature of the cell. The drive to understand the nature of the cell aligns with urges to understand the nature of the atom, the molecule, DNA and other entities of astronomically small size. In many instances, studying the extremely small provides profound insight and clarification on how bodies of much larger sizes including societies and galaxies work in analogous manners. Barabasi……[more]

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Life in Media Scientific Method Http Www youtube com Watch v t7iufdtznxi& feature related Although

Life in Media Scientific Method Although this is a video from the children's educational television program Sesame Street and thus designed for younger viewers, it can nonetheless prove a useful tool to those who are struggling with the processes that go into the scientific method. It also shows how important it is to make a hypothesis, but to be willing to change that hypothesis when to results of the experiment proves that hypothesis to……[more]

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Alien Life on Earth Scientists Believe That

Alien Life on Earth Scientists believe that all known life forms descended from a single common ancestor, a microbe that lived approximately 3.5 -- 3.8 billion years ago. Their belief is based on an understanding that all life forms have liquid water as their foundation, and they contain the same "building blocks" (Toomey 26). Researchers in the new field of synthetic biology have raised questions about another kind of living organism, independent of the building……[more]

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Origin of Life on Earth at Present

Origin of Life on Earth At present, scientists are still in search of the answer to how life originated on Earth. Until now, they are continuously studying several kinds of facts and are carrying on with their research. At the moment, there are 3 competing theories on the origin of life on Earth i.e. The Panspermia Theory, The Heterotrophic Theory and the Autotrophic Theory. The Panspermia Theory The Panspermia Theory was proposed by Svante Arrhenius,……[more]

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Biology Function of the Metabolic

d.). The primary organ that is accountable for regulating metabolism is the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is situated on the brain stem and forms the floor and part of the lateral walls of the third ventricle of the cerebrum. The main functions of the hypothalamus is to control and integrate activities of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), production and regulation of feelings of rage and aggression, regulation of body temperature and regulation of food intake (Graham,……[more]

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Isotonic Hypertonic Hypotonic and Relate

For instance when patients who have lost plenty of blood are brought in a hospital ER room, the clinical officers may actually administer the wrong solutions to patients as they attempt to save their lives Stoker () . The volume of the IV fluid to be administered should always be followed with precaution and be based on medical directions of the hospital's protocol as well as the patient's response to the fluid being administered. Another……[more]

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Foundationally Promising Research Discoveries of

For some the issue then arises when the pluripotent cells are removed from the blastocyst, as this very act negates the ability for the cell group to develop into a human being. "Note that the process of changing from totipotent to pluripotent to multipotent cells is not reversible -- that is, pluripotent stem cells do not produce totipotent stem cells, and multipotent stem cells do not produce pluripotent stem cells." Borror, O'Rourke and Skirboll 54)……[more]

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City of Hope Team Develops

The development of a bio-economy capable of supplying the world's energy demand is where the synthetic biologists wish to take this the next step. Additionally, biologists are able to develop a sort of biological acolyte from the principles of synthetic biology, involving synthesizing DNA in combination with the raw building blocks of genetics. A new platform for different biological life form is essentially, what these biologists have discovered. According to commission chairwoman, and the president……[more]

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Admissions Statement Dear Sir

Patrick Bradshaw, because his research is currently focused on the study of mitochondrial dysfunction with age; (2) Dr. Meera Nanjundan, because her ongoing studies into the chromosomal imbalances associated with human lung cancer provide a perfect opportunity to apply my previous academic experience in the study of the biology of cancer in connection with my master degree; and (3) Dr. Lindsey Shaw, because he is studying molecular regulation of the pathogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus and……[more]

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Hypothetical Process Biological Processes the

This methodology enables researchers to determine if a cell or a gene is vital for some developmental biological process since it requires them extracting whatever cell or gene might be in question, and then seeing if the process is still able to take place. For instance, a group of researchers was able to find that the tiny mitochondrial genome that exists in plants is essential for the replication of cells by removing the genome and……[more]

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Photosynthesis Is Critical for the Survival of

Photosynthesis is critical for the survival of all life on earth. The process of photosynthesis within plants consists of two processes, one which begins with energy from the sun in the form of visible light, and another which is light-independent and capture carbon dioxide for glucose production (Audesirk, Audesirk, & Byers, 2008). Plants are green because they absorb the red and blue wavelengths of visible light, thereby reflecting the color green (University of Idaho, 2008).……[more]

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Living Organisms Are All Around

The Golgi receives new proteins and lipids from the ER, finishes them up, addresses them and sends them to their final destination. In this way, the Golgi could be the postal service of the city. Lysosomes get rid of unusable waste within the cell and recycles those materials that can be reused, making it the recycling and garbage center of the city. Mitochondria are where ATP, the main energy molecule, is made. It could be……[more]

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