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When you hear word “history,” you probably think of the last history class you took. If it was a high school history survey class, then you may think in broad terms of global history or in narrower terms and think of an American history survey course. Whatever image comes to mind, you probably think of a fairly broad topic that describes past events. History may seem dead, dry, or boring to you because it focuses on past events and past people and sometimes seems to have little modern-day relevance. However, history is much more than a study of the past. By studying the past, you can make connections to modern day events. In fact, in some ways, studying the past helps you predict the future.

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Japanese History and Chinese Fixation Japanese History

Japanese History And Chinese Fixation Japanese History & Chinese Fixation If any single term can characterize early Japan, it may be called a period of "Chinese fixation" Borrowing of culture by Japan from China started with the introduction or adoption of Buddhism in 552 A.D. And continued steadily until the end of the Nara period in 784. This is an expression of the impact of Chinese Civilization. If any single term can characterize these two……[more]

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History in the Making Fight for Rights

History In the Making: Fight for Rights There are numerous definition of history that are adapted by different groups. Of interest though is the fact that they share a period that is in the past. Among the many definitions fronted by Word Net (2011) is "the continuum of events occurring in succession leading from the past to the present and even into the future." This definition arouses interest in our case study as it spans……[more]

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History of Cambodia Including the

Unfortunately, in a country so dependent on one industry, if there is a slow down in the industry, the entire country suffers, and that is happening as a result of the U.S. recession. People are not spending as much money on clothes, and so, the industry is facing a downturn, leading to difficulties throughout the country (Nette). In conclusion, today, Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world, and it has been extremely……[more]

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East Asian History

East Asia Ideal and Reality: Cultural Revolution in East Asia In recent history in East Asia, the laws, ideals, and models of government and culture have produced a reality that is somewhat different from that hoped for and proposed by these arbitrary systems. As Dong Zhongshu notes, the ancient Han dynasty erected an empire that lasted 2000 years based on a Confucian "vision of an omnipotent but disciplined sovereign, who sought to align the population……[more]

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History of Meiji Empire and

It is because of dedication, commitment and sincerity with which the Japanese practice and implement their objectives. Boye believes that Kata factor i.e. Japanese percepts have its evolution from 'Shintoism'(Kata Factor). Kata can be translated as model, pattern, style or a formula. In simple terms it means a fixed pattern, either solution towards handling a problem, applying any strategy. Kata has been exercised in every facet of Japanese activities, including political, social and military. Japanese……[more]

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History Vietnam and 20th Century

Vietnam in the 20th Century In the year 2012, the country of Vietnam is a united nation which has a Communist government and a people who are predominantly poor. Before this time, Vietnam went through centuries of turmoil up until the war between Vietnam and the United States wherein North and South Vietnam became a single country. What began the process of dividing Vietnam and isolating its people was the colonization of Vietnam by the……[more]

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History of Zionism Is the Political Movement

History Of Zionism Zionism is the political movement that arose in Europe in the late 19th century with the aim of creating a Jewish state in Palestine. It asserted that the Jewish people were a separate nation and were entitled to have a country of their own and succeeded in its objective with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. Since then, the Zionist movement has concentrated on strengthening Israel and encouraging Jews……[more]

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History of the Modern Middle

This is not always the case. Some may be educated and economically well off, within particular fundamentalist sects, but use an idealistic vision of the past to provide a solution to what they see is lacking in the contemporary world. This was true of the Muslim Brotherhood of 1929, which used religion as part of its ideology of colonial resistance -- and is also true of many of the terrorist leaders of the modern groups……[more]

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East Asian History

history of Japan. First, it will describe the masculinization of Japanese culture during the Kamakura Shogunate period and explore why masculinization happened. Second, the changing roles and relationships with each Buddhism and Shinto in Japan from Nara through the Kamakura period will be explored. Third, Korea's relationship with China and Japan up until the 1600's will be compared and contrasted. Fourth, the kinds of social, political and cultural climate in which early Buddhism took hold……[more]

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History of Wireless Tech In

"They are adding 1 million new users a day." Impact on cultures One of the Chinese cultures that are affected by the wireless technology is the Cash Culture. Paying in cash has been a practice to most Chinese. Credit and debit cards are not in the trend of the Chinese culture. However, with the revolution of the wireless technology, cash would seem to be a little out of the way of how the technology will……[more]

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Korean History The Climate and Culture of

Korean History: The Climate and Culture of Foreign Business The challenge of any cultural history undertaken to determine the foreign business fitness of a location is to make sure that there is due respect afforded the society with regard to issues that might not be seen as directly affecting the bottom line. So much of the time in the business world we are collectively focused on the ideas that surround the continued development of the……[more]

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Chinese History How Genghis Khan

The usual rebellions broke out, sweeping a Chinese of most humble origins into the seat of highest power. In 1368 the Mongol dynasty yielded its place to the native dynasty of the Ming. NOTES Buxton L.H.D., China, the Land and the People, Oxford, 1929. Cowan H.H., and Hall J.W., Outline History of China, New York, 1926. Giles H.A., the Civilization of China, New York, 1911. Williams E.T., a Short History of China, New York, 1928.……[more]

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Family History an Autobiographical History

My father has 3 sons 1 daughter. I am the biggest son and was born on 26th of August, 1988. I was born in Hong Kong so that I can be a Hong Kong resident. I studied in Hong Kong but I am different with the native Hong Kong children because I always went back to China with my parents since all my relatives are in China. However, during the 1990s, a lot of Hong……[more]

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Political History of Egypt Examining the History

Political History Of Egypt Examining the History of an Ancient Land: The country of Egypt has been ever developing. The reason why it is so important and interesting to study this country now is in light of the recent political events that the country has undergone. Needless to say, Egypt has always been a fodder for change. Without wasting too much time, thus, this paper will undertake one of the changing aspects of the country,……[more]

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East Culture History Beijing Previously

One of those buildings was the International Foreign Trade Center -- Shenzhen's first skyscraper and the tallest building in China (36). Hong Kong is commonly referred to as a place where "East meets West" because of its hybrid nature. That is, there is a culture mix occurring that is part traditional Chinese as well part British due to its colonization by the British. Hong Kong is quite a modern place, yet there is an infusion……[more]

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Freemasonry in Pre 1917 Russia Free

I. Novikov. It is not clear whether Bolotov himself was a Mason, but he certainly personally belonged to the same social circles as many leading Freemasons in Russia. In his Entsiklopediia, 128, 990, Serkov mentions Bolotov as a possible member of the Konigsberg military lodge of Joanna Krestitelia (John the Baptist) working in Elagin's system around 1773. (Cross, 105) The Freemasons continued to grow and improve Russian society until the death of Peter III, when……[more]

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Ancient History of India the Purpose of

Ancient History Of India The purpose of this work is to compare and contrast the cultural and societal differences and likenesses in the areas of Northern and Southern India specifically during the period of c.100-1100 C.E. Further, this work will research and state why their cultures were differential in their development and in what ways they remain different from one another today. The historical and ideological relationship between Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism will be discussed.……[more]

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Arab Transnationalism the Arab World

This is largely what Ibn Battuta did by providing individuals that he encountered with his opinion concerning particular matters. He was strict with regard to his beliefs, but was relatively unhesitant about observing other cultures and individuals respecting them. He basically appreciated the fact that he could learn important information from other people, regardless of their status and background. VII. Arab transnationalism evolution Arab transnationalism is closely connected to globalization, considering that Arab Muslims conquered……[more]

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North Korea Due to Its

While the dictators of Europe often get the most attention, the Kim family has actually been far more successful in terms of maintaining power, to the point that it has not only managed to exist well into the twenty-first century, but it has also managed to develop its own nuclear weapon program. The existence of North Korea's nuclear weapon program is one of the reasons for the country's extremely serious economic woes, because its desire……[more]

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Tajikistan to the North of Tajikistan Lies

Tajikistan To the north of Tajikistan lies Kyrgyzstan, to the west lies Uzbekistan, to the east lies China and to the south lies Afghanistan. This state was formed due to the split of Central Asia in 1920 under Soviet rule. It covers an area of 143,100 sq. km. [1] Early history Soghdiana, the northern part of today's Tajikistan, was settled by Iranian tribes between 1,000 and 500 BC. Important cities of Tajikistan today Khujand and……[more]

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International Planning

International Planning Development is a general concept that includes many different aspects. The definition of development is improvement in human welfare, quality of life, social well-being, and satisfying the population's needs and wants. There are many different measurements for development, such as GDP, GNI, Human Development Index, Gender Inequality Index, Gini coefficient, and etc. Since each nation has its own culture, history, tradition, religion, and etc., the measurement of a successful development varies for different……[more]

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Ancient Egyptian History

Egyptian History Ancient Egyptian History Ancient Egypt is one of the very first societies that is taught in most elementary history (or social studies) classes. It has become so familiar, in many ways because it is both the example of how ancient cultures relate to modern ones and how they are unique. Egypt, like any other world power, rose to great heights, but it also sank to devastating lows. This civilization had periods of wealth,……[more]

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History of the Brotherhood Group Its Goals

history of the Brotherhood group, its goals, how the Muslim Brotherhood acted as a either a catalyst or just a participant in the uprisings, what the group has done since Arab Spring, and the concerns of Western governments (including Israel) regarding the Brotherhood. Catalyst or Participant Post-Arab Spring Actions Western Concerns The Muslim Brotherhood The Arab Spring of 2011 began when citizens in Tunisia and Egypt organized peaceful protests in the capital cities of Tunis……[more]

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Korean Social History From the

Eventually, the powerful families that had supported the Mongols and with them their religion of Buddhism was diminished and swept form power and the final and longest dynasty emerged: the Yi or Chosun Dynasty. The Yi or Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910 AD) was founded by General Yi Songgye who, as Koryo disintegrated under shifting alliances and external and internal wars, usurped control and established the Yi dynasty. New officials were appointed from amongst Yi's followers, and……[more]

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U S vs China Cultural Historical Differences

U.S. Vs. China, cultural, historical differences The history of China mainland and Hong Kong Hong Kong has always grown under the wings of China owing to several reasons. One of the main ones is that the country was under the governorship of their close neighbors, China. Therefore, most of the direction that the country has currently is attributable to the influence of China. It was during the Qin Dynasty that the destiny of the country……[more]

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