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Parents have been drawn to Pokémon for their children because of how the game encourages strategy and also encourages children to use their math skills. However, aside from a small group of diehard Pokémon fanatics, Pokémon has long been considered a children’s entertainment property with a relatively small adult following. That changed in July 2016, with the release of the wildly popular game Pokémon Go! (Read More)

Performance Enhancing Drugs In Baseball Essay

In the past, breaking a record in a sport like baseball meant people thought the record breaker was a great athlete and had something special above and beyond the majority of his or her competitors. Now, the thought is often that the person may have used a performance enhancing drug, like steroids. The use of these kinds of drugs has been a serious topic in baseball, both at the Major and Minor League levels. It has also been a point of discussion for college and high school athletes, as the concept of taking steroids in order to be more effective… (Read More)

Miley Cyrus VMA Performance And The Sexualization Of Society Essay

In American society in 2013, it is no secret that sex sells. Sexuality is used to entice customers to buy all manner and type of products, along with various services. But when is it too much? The young women and girls in advertisements for products and services appear to be getting younger, but at the same time the treatment of them as "very adult" has only increased (Zurbriggen & Roberts 55). This is sending a deceptive message that is two-fold. The first part of that message involves the over-sexualization of society as a whole, and the second part of the… (Read More)

The Super Bowl A History And Analysis Essay

The Super Bowl is the biggest event in football, and brings numerous fans to whichever city and state is hosting the game that year. No matter where it is held and who is participating, there are generally some very serious fans who will do all it takes to get to the game. (Read More)

This paper examines the topics of suicide, depression, and mental illness using the example of Robin Williams. Although many celebrities have committed suicide, Williams was almost universally well-liked and known, not only for his comedy, but also for his efforts on behalf of others. Because so many people could identify with him, his death left people wondering about how suicide could impact them in their own lives. This paper discusses depression and differentiates it from the normal sadness that people experience in everyday life. It also discusses the fact that depressive episodes are not only symptomatic of depressive disorder but… (Read More)