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Electronic Cigarettes And Cancer Essay

This paper focuses on e-cigarettes and their possible health consequences, including their potential carcinogenic impact. The paper begins with an examination of the E-cigarette and how many smokers believe that they are a healthier alternative than regular cigarettes. It discusses how many smokers have embraced the E-cigarette as a way to help them stop smoking, despite no evidence that they are an effective smoking cessation aide. The paper then goes on to explore recent evidence suggesting that E-cigarettes are not effective smoking cessation aides, but actually seem to lead to an increase in nicotine consumption as well as no reduction… (Read More)

Cruise Ship Illnesses Essay

Going on a cruise is supposed to be fun. It is a vacation, and should be enjoyable. For the majority of people, the fun vacation experience is exactly what they get. However, when illness hits a cruise ship it can spread very rapidly. (Read More)

Yoga And Cancer Essay

Western medicine is not the only valuable way to treat cancer. There are alternative options such as Yoga that have been shown to reduce fatigue and inflammation in breast cancer patients. However, only time and continued study will show whether alternative treatments have value for a large segment of the breast cancer population. (Read More)

Advances In Cancer Care Essay

This paper focuses on recent advancements in cancer care and how they are changing the outlook for cancer patients. The paper begins with an examination of the idea of cancer and challenges the notion of cancer as a single disease that simply occurs in different organs. Instead, it defines cancer as a complex cluster of diseases with different progressions, prognoses and treatment protocols. The paper examines new therapies, such as immunotherapies, which use emerging technologies to help combat cancer. However, it also looks at how advances in science are allowing doctors to refine and perfect existing treatments, so that they… (Read More)