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Death Penalty Essay

This essay focuses on the death penalty and how the 2016 election, which will help determine the immediate future of the United States Supreme Court, will impact the immediate and long-term future of the death penalty in the United States. The paper begins with a brief history of the death penalty, then discusses the pros and cons of capital punishment. Next, the paper looks at the current legal state of the death penalty in the United States. Finally, the paper focuses on how the 2016 election, which will determine the 9th member of the Supreme Court and may impact the… (Read More)

Zika Virus Essay

This paper focuses on the Zika virus. It explains what the Zika virus is and describes symptoms of the virus. Much of the paper focuses on how the Zika virus is transmitted, which is through the bite of mosquitos carrying the virus. The paper also concentrates on the health effects of the Zika virus, including the possibility of the birth defect micro encephalitis, which can occur in infants whose mothers were infected with Zika during gestation. In addition, it looks at how the virus has spread from South America throughout Central America and to the southern continental United States, as… (Read More)

United States Presidential Election Of 2016 Essay

The United States Presidential election of 2016 is shaping up to be one of the most interesting election cycles in recent history. The Republican candidate Donald Trump is going against the Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton. (Read More)