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Brexit Essay

The British exit from the European Union (EU) or more widely known as "Brexit" was a referendum which citizens voted and passed on June 23, 2016. This essay takes a look at the definition of Brexit and the result of its passing, including the financial destruction of global markets and currencies. (Read More)

Russia Ukraine Conflict And Malaysia Flight 17

While the downing of Malaysia Flight 17 may have come as a surprise to much of the world, it was actually one in series of downed planes in the Ukraine. In early 2014, Russian troops began to move into the Ukraine. Although Russia initially denied having a military presence in the area, it rapidly acknowledged that it had troops in the Ukraine and resisted international pressure to remove those troops. Russian troops began to threaten planes in the Ukrainian airspace, which led to an April warning by the International Civil Aviation Organization that commercial flights in Ukrainian airspace were in… (Read More)

Greece Financial Crisis Essay

In 2008, the collapse of Wall Street had a ripple effect on the rest of the world, especially markets that were interconnected with the United States’ financial markets, which included much of Western Europe. Greek was hit hard by the collapse of Wall Street and other global financial markets, but its real problems came in October of 2009, when Greece was forced to admit that its deficit was much larger than it had previously reported. The combination of new information and what appeared to be Greece’s attempts to hide its deteriorating financial conditions made people extremely concerned about Greek’s financial… (Read More)

The Life And Legacy Of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is the former president of South Africa, and a revolutionary who fought against apartheid. He was elected president of that nation in 1994, and served until 1999. His election made history because he was the first black man elected to the office. He was chosen through a multiracial election that was fully representative of what the people of that country wanted. Mandela has a strong legacy in his home country, but also throughout the rest of the world. He is a very controversial figure. Critics denounced him and proclaimed him a terrorist, while supporters lauded him for his… (Read More)

The Conflict In Syria

Syria has been in the news frequently because of the protests and uprisings that are occurring there. Every day, it seems as though there are more killings and attacks, and the violence is escalating. These issues actually began back in 2011, when a civil war started in the country. Since that time, there have been increases and decreases in the violence and conflict taking place there. In 2012, governmental changes were designed to bring some peace to the region. Unfortunately, the changes did not have the desired effect. By 2013, problems were still mounting. August of 2013 saw tensions reach… (Read More)

Disappearance Of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Sometimes, planes go missing. Usually, if they do not arrive at their destination it is because of a verifiable incident such as a hijacking or a crash. The plane either arrives intact in a location it was not destined to fly to, or it crashes into the water or into land. The remains of the plane are found in those cases, and it can be determined whether there were any survivors. (Read More)