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ABC power when doing their performance evaluations. The first problem is they are attempting to use one form for both exempt and non-exempt employees. In the performance appraisal arena one size just doesn't fit all. "The best approach is to have separate forms designed for the four key job families: Managerial/Supervisory, Professional/Technical, Administrative / Operations, and Sales. Appraisal forms should assess only two areas: behaviors and results" (Grote, 2001).

In other words they should focus on the how and the what of job performance.

The first part of the appraisal form should be dedicated to evaluating the individual's performance against the competencies that an organization has determined as vital to success. Competencies is the encompassing term that is used to portray those abilities, talents, proficiencies, qualities, attributes and aptitudes that associate with superior job performance and predict success in organizational life. The best way to assess any person's performance in the competencies area is to develop a statement of mastery performance for each one. One should provide appraisers with just a dictionary definition for each area. Instead, they should describe some of the behaviors that one would see in a true master. If the appraisal tool portrays mastery level performance and then asks how frequently the person performs that way, it makes the appraiser's job easier, encourages coaching and facilitates development (Grote, 2001).

In addition to the small number of competencies that apply to everyone in the company, there's another set of competencies that apply to some jobs and not others.

"Communication skills, Customer Focus, Job Knowledge and Interpersonal Skills apply to everyone on the payroll, but other competencies, like Developing Talent and Visionary Leadership, really apply only to people in managerial or supervisory positions" (Grote, 2001).

2. What revisions to the form would you suggest? How specifically should the form or dimensions be changed to make the performance-appraisal system more effective?

The first revision that needs to be made to the form is that two different forms need to be created -- one for employees and one for management. Each form should include the core competencies that apply to everyone, and then should be designed to include specific competencies that apply to each job function. In order to effectively evaluate each employee in regards to each competency the form should include a statement of mastery performance for each one. This allows for the appraiser to have a benchmark against which to evaluate the employee.

The form must establish a benchmark against which employees can be compared in their performance. Once the ideal is established then opportunities are created for coaching and development. If it is found that employees are not performing the ideal behaviors that have been set down, then coaching and training can be undertaken in order to show the employee what it is that they need to be doing in order to meet the expectations that have been set down by the company.

In order for a performance appraisal to be effective expectations must be set very early. What is expected on each person has to be conveyed to them in a clear and concise manner so that they know what they are supposed to be doing. The evaluation is then the instrument that is used to tell the worker about what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong (Knight, 2011). Those areas that are identified as needing improvement should then be set forth in an improvement plan in which the employee is given ideas and suggestions on how they can better meet the ideal that has been established. A plan must be put into place that they employee must follow in order to be held accountable at the next performance appraisal.

3. Suppose the firm wants to use the form for employee feedback (i.e., to provide feedback to employees on their strengths and weaknesses). Do you think the instrument will be useful for the purpose? Why or why not? What, if any, revisions would you suggest so that the form can be used for employee development?

The appraisal form is the ideal way for management to provide feedback to employees about the job that they are doing. The performance evaluation process is a way in which supervisors and employees can come together to…[continue]

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