Aliskiren and diabetic nephropathy

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In the table that showed the side effects of aliskiren and placebo groups, clinical signs and symptoms should have been limited to what was significant in the study. In the text discussion, only hyperkalemia and creatinine levels were emphasized. It gave the impression that these were the only two that manifested. More importantly, these two were at the bottom. Summarizing and arranging these parameters according to relevance may allow the reader to easily follow the discussion.

5 )Omissions, errors, limitations in the data?

One error in this study was the wrongful inclusion of 9 patients who were baseline hyperkalemic. Initially, the results showed that 5% of patients in the aliskiren group were hyperkalemic compared to the placebo group. Upon adjustment, the proportion of those who were hyperkalemic in this group was low. Also, since patients in this experiment had been on antihypertensive medications for some time, the effects of these medications may have affected the beneficial effects of aliskiren.

6) What questions are still unanswered?

First, the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of oral aliskiren is yet o be discovered. Second, long term studies conducted for at least 2 years should be conducted to further investigate if the beneficial effects of…[continue]

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