Animal Welfare Assurance Programs

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org issues a series of audits meant to guarantee that companies involved in meat productions act in accordance with guidelines. When they have to respect guidelines in order to continue their businesses successfuly, animal handlers are more likely to make certain that everything goes according to plan and that their scoring is excellent.

AIM Foundation provides a very complex set of guidelines, but the fact that it relates to animals as if they are simple objects makes it difficult for one to consider each regulation in particular. Grandin's program appears to be directed at animals more than it is directed at profits. Grandin appears to consider that animals need to be respected all through the process of preparing them. Even during their last moments, as they prepare to enter the slaughter house, animals are less likely to feel stress because of Grandin's ingenious idea regarding corrals meant to have animals think that they are actually going round in circles. It is very probable that Grandin did not have the liberty of addressing each of her interests in particular when she wrote guidelines for AMI Foundation.


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