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Baker, 2000).The measurement of project effectiveness, an element of project impact evaluation, is crucial for the success of every proposed project. In this section, we present the method/mechanism for evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed solution. The process starts with the identification of the project users (Ventilation associated pneumonia patients), gathering data to be used in determining if the user received output, identification of process of transmission and ends up with the change process. This is indicated in the flowchart model (see figure 1.) which provides for an elaborate systematic way of examining the process within the proposed project and the outcome of the proposed project. The evaluation of the outcomes is the major purpose of the framework even though the outcomes can never be seen in total isolation of the proposed project "mechanics" (including transmission, project reception as well as use).At certain points in the project evaluation framework, it is absolutely necessary to king of "go back" and effectively examine the absolute effectiveness of the mechanical stages in the project evaluation project and the resultant expected change.

Figure 1.

The variables to be assessed when evaluating project outcomes

The variables to be assessed when evaluating project outcomes are numerous. They include the following.

1. Ventilator days (VD)

2. VAP, No. (%) of patients

3. VAP rate (per 1000 VD)

4. MICU patient days (PD, all patients

5. Utilization ratio (VD/PD)

6. Duration of ventilation, mean, days

7. Days in MICU (ventilator patients), mean

8. Time to VAP, mean, days

9. Mortality (ventilator patients), No. (%)

Ventilator days (VD)

A ventilator day is the number of days in which a given patient is placed on a ventilator as part of his or her treatment regiment. The risk and costs associated with VAP increases with an increase in the number of ventilator days (VD) (Hugonnet et al.,2004).

VAP, No. (%) of patients

The variable VAP, No. (%) of patients indicates the number of patients suffering from VAP out of the general patient population.

VAP rate (per 1000 VD)

The variable VAP rate (per 1000 VD) indicates the rate of VAP per a thousand ventilator days.

MICU patient days (PD, all patients)

The variable MICU patient days (PD, all patients) denotes the total number of days that all patients in Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) take before death or discharge.

Utilization ratio (VD/PD)

The variable Utilization ratio (VD/PD) denotes the total number of ventilation days which were beneficial to the patient before they got discharged or contracted VAP.

Duration of ventilation, mean, days

This variable denotes the average duration in terms of days that a patient was under ventilation (using a ventilator).

Days in MICU (ventilator patients), mean

This variable denotes the total number of days that ventilator patients in Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) take before death or discharge.

Time to VAP, mean, days

This variable denotes the average number of days before a patient contracted VAP.

Mortality (ventilator patients), No. (%)

This variable denotes the rate of death of ventilator patients as a result of VAP.

The developed tools necessary for educating project participants

Several tools will be used in educating the project participants. These tools are necessary to enable the project participants come to an absolute understanding of the project mechanics. Some of these tools are used in data collection such as questionnaires while others are purely for research and educational purposes. The ones for research and educational purposes include computer systems and resources like the internet, blackboard that are used in seminars, peer reviewed medical and clinical journals on VAP, projector, photo slides, PowerPoint presentations, medical abstracts among many others.

Tools to educate project participants

In this particular project, the tools to be used in providing VAP-bundle education will be tailored to be used with the clinicians and the whole MICU staff who will be involved in the management of patients placed under mechanical ventilation. This will be done with the view of having it being one of the efforts aimed at reducing the incidences of VAP. This will be done in light of the fact and appreciation of the power of education. This assertion is supported by the work of Apisarnthanarak et al. (2007) which indicated that educational programs are indeed effective in the reduction of ventilator-associated pneumonia. The clinical nurse leaders as well as a selected…[continue]

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