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police dept.

Proposal for City Police Department (State of Florida)

The objective of this proposal is to establish a Police Department, Macomb Police Department and employ the number of personnel needed to deliver professional and competent police services to the citizens of this city. A determination has been made that there will be 175 sworn officers and 50 civilian or non-sworn officers. Standards of hiring will be established in this proposal with identification of the choice of state police standards meeting or exceeding those already established. Job descriptions in addition to salaries will be included in the proposal.

Mission Statement

The proposed Macomb Police Department states its mission as being 'to serve the public through community-based law enforcement practices while reducing crime, promoting safety and improving quality of life through our core values.

Core Values

Core values stated by the Macomb Police Department include the following

(1) A commitment to follow our moral compass, the inner voice, the voice of self-control and the basis for the trust imperative within our community.

(2) We are committed…to do follow the rule of law even if the personal cost is high.

(3) We are committed… to not behave in a ways that would bring discredit upon ourselves, our organization or to the community that we serve.

Service Before Self

We are committed… that our professional duties take precedence over our personal desires in service to our community.

We are committed…to respect our fellow citizen and that they possess a fundamental worth as human beings.

Excellence in all that we do

We are committed… to develop a sustained passion for continuous improvement

We are committed…to provide services and products that fully respond to the needs of our community.

We are committed… to our community: free from fear and that preserves individual self-worth.


The incorporated city is comprised by fifty (50) square land miles within ten (10) square miles of navigable waterways. The permanent population of the city is one hundred thousand (100,000) with an additional daily population of approximately twenty-five thousand (25,000). The racial make-up of the permanent population is 80% white, 14% black and 6% other. The population median age if forty-three (43) years of age. The unemployment rate is 5.6%. Within the city there is a school enrollment of eleven thousand (11,000) students.

During the incorporation process an agreement was reached with the Sheriff to obtain the building his agency used as a precinct to service the area currently within the city. The building is in satisfactory condition for housing the new Police Department for several years to come. The building also contains a functional communication center with adequate equipment to include portable radios for all police officers.

Fully equipped police cruisers, both marked and unmarked were also obtained from the Sheriff.

For informational purposes, last year within the area incorporated into the city, the Sheriff's Office handled 175,000 calls for service. Deputies wrote 41,000 original reports and 21,300 supplemental reports. They investigated 3,021 automobile accidents and wrote 63,099 traffic citations. Deputies made 9,128 criminal arrests including 501 arrests for DUI. They also responded to 5,318 burglary and robbery alarms.

As a newly created Police Department, you do not have a police union involved.

The legal environment within which the police department functions includes the following:

(1) Florida State Law and Federal Law;

(2) Florida Department of Law Enforcement;

(3) FOP Contract

(4) FOPA Contract

(5) Task Force Agreements

(6) Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation

(7) Town Ordinances/Code

I. Assets

Assets in the Police Department profile include a centrally located Police Administration Building that will be utilized as a headquarters. The Police Administration Building is equipped with a fully functioning emergency communication center, fleet maintenance facility, and office space sufficient for administrative, investigative, and support staff components of the agency. With the exception of one division, the Patrol Operations Bureau will also utilize the Police Administration Building as a base of operations. A substation will be established on the west side of the city to serve a patrol substation. The Police Department fleet is comprised of 298 vehicles and 3 vessels with trailers. The vehicles include 177 patrol cars of which 48 are unmarked, 72 administrative vehicles, 23 vans, 17 sport utility vehicles, and 9 trucks.

II. Historical Statistical Data

Last year within the area incorporated into the city, the Sheriff's Office handled 175,000 calls for service. Deputies wrote 41,000 original reports and 21,300 supplemental reports. They investigated 3,021 automobile accidents and wrote 63,099 traffic citations. Deputies made 9,128 criminal arrests including 501 arrests for DUI. The Police Department additionally responded to 5,318 burglary and robbery alarms. State. Salaries and benefits must be established and justified within your proposal. A brief job description must also be prepared for the various classifications of employees; e.g. police officer, communication operator, desk officer, property clerk, detective, secretarial staff, etc.

III. Description of Services & Responsibilities

Services provided include the following:

(1) Patrol -- uses a Team Policing Model while embracing the philosophy of Community

Policing. Most officers are regularly assigned the same zone, which enables the officers to make identification and address problems in their areas. Also provided by patrol is around-the-clock service [seven days a week, 365 days a year]. Included in the Patrol Division is the Dive Team, Crisis Response Team, Special Response Team, Honor Guard, Field Force and the Canine Team.

(2) Investigations -- Included are:

Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.) - handles a variety of criminal investigations, including: Homicide, Sexual Assault, Robbery, Burglary, Economic Crimes, and Thefts. Also responsible for identification and tracking of Sexual Predators and Offenders. S.I.D. addresses crimes involving investigations of a sensitive nature and Narcotics.

Special Investigations Division (S.I.D.) - . S.I.D. works collaboratively with various Federal, State and Local task forces to foster a combined effort in fighting drugs.

Victim Advocate -- keeps victims informed concerning their rights and remedies and enables them to obtain support as well as guidance and assistance

Crime Analysis -- makes sure that the community is aware of criminal activity trends and patterns so as to develop strategic actions plans for deterring and combating crime.

Crime Scene Unit -- Assist in the investigation of crimes by identification as well as through gathering data and collection of evidence.

Missing Persons Unit -- The missing person's unit works with several Federal, State, and Local agencies to assist in the safe return of missing juveniles and endangered adults.

Investigations Bureau -- work collaboratively with other members of the Law Enforcement Community focused on making communities safer and bringing about improvement in citizen quality of life.

(3) Code Compliance -- Police department staffs code compliance inspectors throughout the police department to assist in protection of homes and business investments as well as in maintaining the quality of neighborhoods and preserving the standards of safety, cleanliness and the attractiveness of the entire community.

4) Citizen's Police Academy -- The Citizen's Police Academy (CPA) provides the community a hands-on view of police work and the impact the Police Department has in the community.

(5) Mobile Crime Watch -- a partnership formed between the local community and the police department focused on prevention of crime. Mobile Crime Watch is a partnership between the local community and the Police Department for crime prevention. Individuals who serve on Mobile Crime Watch are volunteers.

(6) Volunteer Program -- Fosters a greater involvement of the community in the Department's policing efforts as well as providing a partnership with the residents and community.

(6) Juvenile Diversionary Programs -- A collaborative effort that includes the police department and the County Circuit Courts recommendations for adolescent community service when they are first offenders in lieu of sending these individuals through the court system.

(7) School Resource Officers -- Makes a provision of security and safety to the faculty and students of local public schools. Elementary School Resource Officers provide drug awareness education on an annual basis.

(8) Crime Prevention -- Program part of the Special Operations Division, which involves education of the community on safety and security of property, persons and community.

Employee Positions and Duties

Chief of Police

Duties include management of day-to-day operations of the entire Department, which includes all the assigned divisions in the Police Department and the lives and property in the community, and directions of all policing functions, which includes patrol, investigations and enforcement.

Police Major

Responsible for supervision of subordinates and personnel activities, Participates in department planning and department goals and objectives. In absence of Chief of Police, Police major assumes Police Chief duties. Responsibilities include collaboration with Chief of Police to improve Department Efficiency.

Police Lieutenant

Supervision of large staff of personnel engaged in traffic or patrol activities including scheduling, assignment and order communication, policies, procedures and other administrative directives to subordinate personnel, field operations inspections, first line superior advisement in training methods and procedures. Development of improved methods and procedures in relation to assigned functions and assists superior officer in policy, plan and program formulation and in coordination of activities with other departments units and other…[continue]

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