Business Environmental Responsibilities and Stewardship The Sustainable Approach

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What does the sustainable approach actually imply? It implies that the company must use energy which comes from renewable sources and also that recycled or renewable materials are to be used. In addition, the old machinery and that which consumes too much is to be replaced. Pollution is another key factor and companies must make sure that they diminish their emissions which pollute air, water and the soil. Last, but not least waste management must be seriously taken into consideration.(Kaufman)

However, the sustainable approach is not limited to the management of the material resources. A second important element which it involves is represented by the human resources. As far as these are concerned, the company must provide proper "health insurances, retirement benefits and professional development" (Kaufman).

Furthermore safety standards must be enforced and constantly improved. This is where the local community comes in as a stakeholder. Supporting the community with initiatives varying from "education to health care, environmental protection and agricultural development" (Kaufman) has proven to be part of a strategic and profit enhancing strategy.

But things don't stop here. The company which has decided to do business and maintain a sustainability approach must be careful whom it makes business with. In other words, the company ought to monitor its suppliers and make sure that they follow the same business philosophy. Under these circumstances, the company and its associates collaborate in order to achieve the same sustainability goals.

Complying with all these standards is believed to result into six major benefits, as it follows: a sterling reputation, better employees, a production which is more efficient, a smoother relationship with the authorities, a better coordination both at internal and external level, suppliers that are more reliable and also more flexible. (Kaufman).

While this is the bright side of the story one must nevertheless realize the huge efforts that a company must perform in order to stay faithful to its sustainability goal. The main challenge is believed to be development. In other words, the companies ought to find the right path to make sure that while respect the environment and the community…[continue]

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