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business will use to survive is different kinds of marketing strategies. This is because having a continuous amount of customers will translate into higher profit margins and sales. However, over the last several years the changes in technology have meant that there is shift in the kinds of tools that are utilized in achieving these objectives. In order to adjust with these challenges, various firms have begun implementing different approaches in conjunction with one another. To fully understand what is taking place requires looking at: five different advertisements, the concept / theories that are utilized and analyzing each advertisement. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights as to how these marketing strategies are continually evolving.

The Advertisements and Concepts

During the course of conducting any kind of advertising campaign there are different tactics that are used to reach out to customers. In the first entry, the advertiser is the Chrysler Corporation (who is selling their 2007 luxury SUV called the Aspen). At the top of the caption the company has a headline that says, "Leave the Caddy in the shack." There is then, a picture of the vehicle below this statement with details about its different features. ("Leave the Caddy in the Shack," 2007, pg. 118)

The basic strategy that Chrysler is using is what is known as the Bacaro case. This is when the firm will show how they have cutting edge products that are of the same quality as competitors. To achieve these objectives there is focus on a number of different attributes including: price, the image of the product, the response of the competition and building favorable views among customers. ("Leave the Caddy in the Shack," 2007, pg. 118) ("Marketing Strategy," 2012)

In this ad, Chrysler is using these elements to illustrate how the Aspen is of the same kind of quality and luxury as the Cadillac products. This is designed to reach out to high end consumers by showing how the vehicle has more features and it is a better value. Once this takes place, there should be an association with the SUV in the ad and other products that are sold by Cadillac. ("Leave the Caddy in the Shack," 2007, pg. 118)

An analysis of this ad reveals that the company is using a similar strategy as other auto manufacturers. This is where they will take the reputation of a particular product and demonstrate how they have better quality and features. When this happens, there is supposed to be a shift in consumer tastes and trends. In this situation, the ad is effective in providing this kind of image of the company. However, over the long-term these efforts have failed. The reason why is because this model was not enough to help reverse decreasing sales at Chrysler (which eventually resulted in its bankruptcy). ("Leave the Caddy in the Shack," 2007, pg. 118)

As a result, the strategy that is one that has been traditionally used to allow consumers to compare and contrast the product. If this process is continually repeated, it can lead to shifts in the image of the merchandise. However, this will require the firm spending more money to promote the product and the new identify. In the case of Chrysler, the firm did not have the advertising budget to use this as a way to reach out to high end customers. Instead, there was focus on utilizing this approach over select amounts of time. ("Leave the Caddy in the Shack," 2007, pg. 118)

The second entry is from the same issue of Men's Health. This time a watch manufacturer named Tag Heuer is focused on showing how their watches are the most popular. The way that this is accomplished is through taking out series of different ads in the beginning of the magazine with various celebrates wearing them. The most notable include: Uma Thurman and Tiger Woods. This is designed to show how these watches are some of the top pieces of jewelry in world (based upon the image of a particular celebrity with the product). ("Tag Heuer," 2007, pp. 1 -- 5)

The basic marketing strategy that the firm is using is celebrity appeal. This is when the company is showing how their product is superior to others on the market based upon the individual who is wearing it. Once this happens, is when consumers will automatically associate these kinds of feelings and emotions with the merchandise. ("Tag Heuer," 2007, pp. 1 -- 5) ("Marketing Strategy," 2012)

The analysis of this ad, reveals that these kinds of strategies are effective are reaching out a wide variety of consumers. This is because many companies will often use these techniques to help their products standout from the others. The use of celebrity appeal is one of the most effective tactics that are often utilized in achieving these objectives. ("Tag Heuer," 2007, pp. 1 -- 5)

The third entry is an ad that was taken from Spin Magazine in 2001. It has a picture of man with dread locks listening to music on his cell phone. This is occurring while he is traveling on a city bus, with everyone looking at him while he is dancing around. Under the ad, Motorola list the name of the product and where it can be purchased. ("Intelligence," 2001)

This basic strategy is focused on using the new product diffusion curve. Under this approach, an advertiser will demonstrate how a particular device is new by showing select amounts of people using it. In this case, Motorola is illustrating someone who is into music, utilizng the next generation device for listening to it while on the go. ("Intelligence," 2001) ("Marketing Strategy," 2012)

When analyzing this strategy, it is clear that this can introduce a new product to consumers. However, the problem with the approached used by Motorola, is they focused the ad in a magazine that reaches out to a specific audience vs. The general public. This reduces the effectiveness of the campaign and its ability to connect with various consumers (who may be interested in purchasing this product). ("Intelligence," 2001)

In the same magazine, there was an ad for Jim Beam whiskey. At the top, it has an up close picture of the label which says, "The World's Finest Bourbon." Then at the bottom is picture of the bottle with the caption, "Real friends. Real bourbon." This is designed to show how this is the best product that is being sold at an affordable price. ("The World's Finest Bourbon," 2001, pg. 18)

The basic marketing strategy that the firm is using is conjoint analysis. This is when the advertiser will show the relative features of the product by contrasting it with competitors. In this particular case, the competitors are implied with the firm showing how their whiskey is better than all of the others on the market. This is designed to give the customers a feeling that this drink is more affordable and of superior quality in contrast with the other brands. ("The World's Finest Bourbon," 2001, pg. 18) ("Marketing Strategy," 2012)

The analysis of this data is revealing that this basic approach is effective in helping the company to standout (while not specifically naming any competitors). When this happens, customers will see Jim Beam as the superior product. It is at this point that they will purchase this merchandise over the others. ("The World's Finest Bourbon," 2001, pg. 18)

The fifth entry is focused on an HIV antiviral drug called Kaletra. This was taken from a 2006 issue of HIV Plus. In the ad, it shows a man dancing around with the caption, "I enjoy the simple things in life." This is illustrating how taking the drug, can help anyone who is suffering from this condition to live normal and happy lives. ("I…[continue]

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