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The study also made an assessment of the 14 countries who eradicated the capital punishment. Murder went up by 7% from five years prior to the abolition period to five years following the abolition claimed by the study. Besides, researches were conducted by Prof. Issac Erlich from the years 1933 to 1969. He came to the conclusion that "An added execution per year might bring down the number of murders." (Death Penalty Arguments: This Paper in Memoriam of Sean Burgado) the average number of years spent in death row is 10 years. We are all aware that all the appeals, the capital punishment is not rapid! In reality, nearly every killer believes that they have every possibility that the death sentence will be waived. In case the capital punishment was rapid and unavoidable, a lowering of the homicide rates was a distinct possibility. Recurring murders were eradicated and murders that are anticipated prevented. (Death Penalty Arguments: This Paper in Memoriam of Sean Burgado) Hence capital punishment is capable enough to prevent murder, in case we permit it to happen, however due to the tardiness and inefficiency of our legal system, criminals are outsmarting us and taking advantage and get latitude from our laxity. (Pro Death Penalty Web Page)

Yet another cause for which a lot of people do not support the capital punishment is that they believe people will received punishment in a wrongful manner every time in the plea of justice. But this is far from the reality. Under a recent Gallop poll, 74% of those reviewed declared that they agree with the capital punishment for the people condemned of murder. In May 2001, 65% favored capital punishment, its lowest ebb in more than twenty years. The recent rise has been slow but steady. During October 2001, 68% supported the capital punishment. That went up to 72% by May 2002, and there was a bit slide to 70% in October 2002 before shooting up to 74%. The steep rise upturned a pattern which started in late 1990s, when the support in favor of capital punishment came down due to the "innocence" crusade. Detractors of the capital punishment debated that the capital punishment system suffered from a lot of defects, and the possibility of an innocent person getting executed is so certain, that the complete system must be done away with. (as Americans worry, support for death penalty goes up)

Currently, whatever achievement the abolitionists had in the past appears to have been wiped. Apart from the usually increasing favor for capital punishment, the recent Gallop poll even reveals an increase in the number of Americans who feel that the capital punishment is reasonably implemented. The number currently stands at 60% climbing from 51% during June 2000. (as Americans worry, support for death penalty goes up) a lot of security provisions are present assuring protection of the rights of those facing the capital punishment. These security provisions are: Capital punishment might be forced exclusively for an offence for which it is approved under law at the juncture of its commission. People less than 18 years of age, would-be mothers, nursing mothers or persons who have turned insane are exempted from the death sentence. Capital punishment may be enforced solely when the crime is determined by unambiguous and persuasive proof leaving no space for a different explanation of the facts. Capital punishment may be employed following a final judgment given by a competent court permitting all defense to the defendant, inclusive of sufficient legal help. Anybody awarded the death sentence must get the right to appeal to a higher court of jurisdiction. (Capital Punishment: Life or Death?)

Besides, anybody who has been awarded with the death sentence reserves the right to pray for clemency or commutation of the sentence. Capital punishment shall not be executed awaiting any appeal, alternative process or proceeding connected with clemency or commutation of the sentenced. Besides, capital punishment shall be executed such as to cause the least possible endurance. These protections will assure that justice will be given without causing suffering. In addition these protections guarantee that the capital punishment is ethnically biased. Just two people have been confirmed to be innocent following their execution in the United States. These unfair deaths happened in 1918 and 1949. Following this, the justice system has undergone a lot of adjustments rendering this very unlikely in the present era. (Capital Punishment: Life or Death?)

Still there are many who say that capital punishment is unjust to people belonging to other ethnic groups, categories, or mental capabilities. However, these features are not matters for concern. A 1991 Rand Corporation study done by Stephen Klein revealed that white criminals were sentenced capital punishment a little more frequently as 32% compared to non-white killers which was 27%. Moreover, the study revealed killers of white victims got the capital punishment more frequently as 32% compared to killers of non-white victims of 23% when controlled for variables like seriousness, and the net number of crimes perpetrated, there is no difference between those sentenced to death for murdering white or black victims. (Pro Death Penalty Web Page)

To conclude a lot of upside and downside are present to capital punishment concerns. but, if people judge the arguments in the right way, and possess understanding for the victims, they will be more prone to support capital punishment. As an issue of reality, a majority of the people in the United States currently support it. However, we require more states to enforce the capital punishment. As you might come across in the arguments, the capital punishment aids in the reduction of upcoming murderers, hence, we can save more lives. The likelihood of killing an innocent man is very diminutive.


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