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causes of Climate Change?

It is ideal to focus on the primary causes of climate change with the aim of understanding the influence or implication on the growth and development of the planet earth. This paper seeks to unveil the major or primary causes in relation to climate change. This is through evaluation of natural and artificial events/activities with massive implication on climate thus changes in the climatic conditions within the modern society. I have chosen this topic because of its sensitivity to the growth and development of the humanity. Modern society associates itself with constant debates on the concept of global warming. This is a reflection of the significance of the topic of the research with reference to the examination of the primary causes of climate change. It is ideal to understand the primary causes of climate change with the aim of adopting and implementing various critical issues in relation to minimization of the implications on the growth and development of the human beings. This research topic is necessary in evaluation of the impacts of climate changes, examination of various ways to minimize the effects, and provision of adequate security and safety to human beings, plants, and animals on the planet earth. Human activities such as industrialization, agriculture, deforestation, and coal burning are main causes of climate change.

In the examination of the primary causes of climate change, the paper focuses on both natural and artificial events and activities. The research article focuses on the elaboration of factors such as water vapour, deforestation, levels of carbon dioxide, industrialization, farming, application of fertilizers/pesticides/herbicides, and migration/mining as main contributors to the changes in the climatic conditions. In the execution of this research, the focus will be on the application of an extensive data analysis. This is through integration of various data sets for the analysis such as the level of human and economic development, level of greenhouse gases, level of carbon dioxide, and global temperatures in relation to the industrial revolution. The exercise will also entail an extensive interview with participants being professors with vital information and knowledge in relation to the topic of study. The interviews will focus on the examination of two research questions. The first approach focused on the examination of the views of the participants on the concept of climate change. The second approach focused on the identification of the various causes of climate change in the modern society. This was essential in arriving at the research findings and conclusions. According to the study, it is essential to note that human activities are the main causes of climate change in the modern society.

This research consists of various sections and subsections with the aim of providing clarity in the illustration of the concepts. The first section of the research article is the abstract, which offers a critical view on the content of the study. The second section is the introduction. Introduction is vital in the illustration of the overview of the study, elaboration of the thesis statement, and outlining the content of the research exercise. The third section is literature review that offers a glimpse of previous relevant articles and research studies on the same topic or research questions. This is vital in the provision of critical information on the available content of the study and limitations towards the adoption of an effective research. The fourth section of the study is the methodology, which is essential in the illustration of the strategies towards the achievement of the research findings and conclusion. The fifth section is results. This offers anticipated results of the study following implementation of the research methodology. The sixth section of the study is the conclusion which summarizes the content of the research. The last section is the bibliography that outlines research articles and source essential in the execution of the research exercise.

Research Questions

What are your views on the climate change with reference to its implications on human beings, plants, and animals?

What are the primary causes of climate change?

Are human activities the main causes of climate change?

Literature Review


Third assessment report of the leading scientific research authority in relation to global climate change, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC), was produced in 2001. The report projects approximately 1.4 to 5.80 C. increase on the global average surface temperatures between 1990 and 2100. According to the IPPC, the warming projections will exceed the actual temperatures of the surface in the context of the 20th century by an average of two to time times. It is also essential to note that the warming rate in relation to the projections is higher than any of the previous rates in the last 10,000 years (IPPC p. 3). It is also essential to note that in the last 100 years, there has been an increase in the global mean of the annual temperature of about 0.60 C (1.10 F). In the process of understanding the implications of the climate change, it is ideal to focus on the primary causes to the global climatic variations in the modern society. This is vital through close and extensive evaluation or examination of both natural and artificial events and activities with the capacity to affect or influence climate thus alteration of the climatic conditions.


Water vapour in the atmosphere is a natural cause of climate change or variation across the globe. According to the information or scientific knowledge, water vapour proves to be the most prevalent atmosphere (O'Gorman, et al. p. 48). National Safety Council's Environmental Health Centre, in "A 'wet Blanket' Greenhouse Gas" (p. 2), notes that water vapour makes up as much as 2% of the atmosphere. It is also essential to note that water vapour is responsible for approximately two thirds of the natural greenhouse effect. Tapio et al. (48), note that water vapour is part of the natural water cycle taking place on and around the globe. Water vapour undergoes three critical stages: vaporization from the surface, condensation into clouds, and returns to the surface as precipitation. This is the process through which heat is transferred across the globe, back and forth between the surface and the atmosphere. It is called the water or heat cycle. According to the information by Enhanced Greenhouse Effect, water vapour cycles through the atmosphere thus the opportunity to linger for a few days at most.

Another close examination of the literature review indicates that Carbon dioxide (CO2) has a critical role in the alteration of the climatic conditions. Carbon dioxide is a colourless gas heavy in nature. According to the information by the Environmental Health Centre, carbon dioxide makes approximately 0.037% of the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide emanates from the respiration of the plants, animals, and human beings thus a respiratory product of the living things. It is ideal to note that huge amounts of carbon dioxide cycles back and forth in the context of oceans and the atmosphere. It is also vital to note on the role vegetation in the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for the purposes of photosynthesis. The outcome of the cycling process is the global carbon cycle essential for the maintenance of carbon dioxide at suitable levels in the atmosphere with the aim of sustaining a natural greenhouse effect (Enhanced Greenhouse Effect).

Prior to 1800s, human beings had little implications or influence in relation to the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There was a great impact on the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere following the essence of industrial revolution. This is through incorporation of fossil fuel, primary coal, oil, and natural gas in the running of the industries (Enhanced Greenhouse Effect. It is essential to note that combustion of the carbon-loaded fuels in the essence of industrial revolution releases or increases carbon dioxides in large amounts into the atmosphere. According to an analysis by Miller, there is a natural change in relation to model simulations and paleo record. The article focuses on the analysis of the observations and model findings or output with the aim of understanding the limitation of both data, development of the implementation of advanced statistical techniques for the climate signal identification.

There is also an examination of the role or influence of radiation in the greenhouse effect (Miller). According to Martinez (p. 64), the issue of industry-based emissions of the greenhouse gases is an important environmental and political topic in the modern society. This is because of the issues at stake following implications of climate change with reference to effects on the plants, animals, and human beings across the globe. There are various debates in the context of political and scientific spheres focusing on the examination of the essence of increase in the mean global temperature essential in the alteration of the climatic conditions. The main component of these debates is the major factors critical in the causing of the climate change or alteration with the aim of understanding its implications and influences effectively and efficiently from both natural and artificial…[continue]

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