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Their job is: to ensure that all regions are receiving the proper amount of support, to prevent opposition forces from taking advantage of the situation and to communicate with local government / military officials / NGOs / nonprofit organizations. This will streamline decision making and ensure that there is effective collaboration among personnel. Moreover, this individual has experience in working with disasters and other security operations. (Warning Order) ("Navy Warfare Development Command")

The lower levels of command will be subdivided among various battalions, companies / air wings and platoons / flights. These individuals will be responsible for achieving the different mission objectives that are provided by the theater of operations commander. This will ensure that there are reduced levels of bureaucracy and effective procedures for addressing any kind of potential challenges. (Warning Order) ("Navy Warfare Development Command")

As a result, there will be a combination of land, air, sea and Special Forces that are utilized during the operation. These units will quickly respond to any kind of issues and provide the flexibility to adjust to changes in the mission. When this happens, everyone will be more effective in addressing a number of different challenges. (Warning Order) ("Navy Warfare Development Command")

The below table is illustrating a rough outline as to the command structure for operational performance.

Operational Command Structure

Bangladesh Government / Military

Theater of Operations Command


Company / Wing

Platoon / Flight (Warning Order) ("Navy Warfare Development Command")

This kind of structure will steam line decision making. At the same time, it is utilizing flexibility to address potential security and logistical challenges. When this happens, there is an effective tool for providing aid to most impacted areas and safeguarding personnel during the process. (Warning Order) ("Navy Warfare Development Command")

This course began with a discussion of the challenges involved in planning for the full range of military operations. In recent years there has been significant discussion on how to balance the need to "win" the current war(s) with the need to be prepared for the next war. Using the concepts presented throughout this course, describe the key air, space and cyber capabilities required to support/execute the full range of military operations now and in the future. Explain in which capability area(s) the Air Force can best accept risk.

In the future, the nature of warfare will have changed completely. This means that all commanders must have greater amounts of flexibility. For the Air Force, this requires that air, space and cyber capabilities must be integrated together. The reason why is because a variety of rouge nations (i.e. Iran and North Korea) are developing technology that will give them access to space-based weapons at some point in time. ("Russian Military Concede Iran and North Korea Threat")

Moreover, the Chinese and Russians have expressed a desire to control these areas. This means that the nature of the threat is continually changing. If the Air Force can integrate these areas under a single joint command structure, they can effectively troubleshoot any kind of potential challenges. Once this takes place, is the point that critical information can be used to determine possible threats to the nation. ("China Perusing Steadily Military Buildup")

For example, the recent build up in Chinese military infrastructure is troubling. This is because they have been conducting massive amounts of cyber espionage against U.S. military targets. They have also been rapidly modernizing their military and the nation's capabilities to fight high intensity conflicts over short durations. In the event of hostilities, a cyber-attack could be utilized to mitigate communication and air power. This will severely limit any kind of operations and the ability to effectively respond. ("China Perusing Steadily Military Buildup")

To deal with these kinds of challenges, the Air Force needs to maintain their strong presence in the air. However, there must also be an emphasis on using space and cyber power to address potential threats in the future. If this can occur, everyone will be able to evolve with these challenges. ("China Perusing Steadily Military Buildup")

The buildup of Chinese military forces and their use of cyber-attacks is an indication that these tools could be utilized at some point. This strategy will ensure that the Air Force is: prepared for, understands and can mitigate these kinds of threats. When this happens, the chances of seeing some kind of sudden attack, using these tactics will be reduced. In the event they are chosen, personnel are capable of effectively responding and negating any kind of gains. ("China Perusing Steadily Military Buildup")

As a result, the best capabilities with the lowest amounts of risk include: space and cyber power. This kind of investment will ensure that any threats are neutralized. Moreover, this will provide long-term dividends by upgrading and focusing personnel on these areas. Once this takes place, is the point that any potential threats are reduced (by: having the flexibility and foresight to address these issues).


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