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Computer Security Ethics and Privacy

In today's fast evolving world of ICT, the advancement in processing and storage of information is of paramount importance, and it's crucial that the information be kept in the safest way possible. Computers and their various uses ranging from running multi-billion organizations to personal computers must be protected from harm, abuse and loss of valuable information. For this reason, the corporate sectors have employed different ways and strategies to prevent intrusions and disruption to the flow and normal working of the information system (Robert Plotkin). Cybercrimes are unlawful acts that take place online, these unlawfully acts have led to loss of information which costs most affected companies billions of dollars annually. Therefore, they have been termed as high alert risk; by the federal bureau of investigation that often monitor online malicious activities to prevent such crimes (Hauptman).

A hacker is an attacker who's unlawfully access computers with the intention of harm or retrieving information not meant for them. Apart from hackers, other cybercrime perpetrators are the cyber terrorist and cyber extortionist. The cyber terrorists are responsible for hacking into networks for political reason whereas the extortionist do it so as to interfere with emails and threaten the affected party in a bid to acquire money from them. The cyber terrorist will take advantage and will always request for an amount in order to let go the information hence blackmail (Miyazaki and Fernandez). Given the chance and resources, they are usually a continuous criminal cycle that frustrates the firms and, therefore, a lot of enforcement and tracing need to be put in place in order to put to a stop to their activities. Other crime perpetrators include script kiddie who are defined as the amateurs of the cybercrimes, because they use programs to hack and crack into systems. As the name describes, script kiddie is a teenager who has the motive of doing harm especially to the website (Dinev and Hart).

Unethical employees also play a big role in the distortion and theft of information and they either do it for the money or with an aim of revenging an earlier grievance. In such cases, the attack to the system is usually an inside job, and it usually causes a lot of damage as it is by a person who understands the strength and weaknesses of the company. Corporate spies are highly skilled professionals who hack computers to alter or retrieve data. They are the favorites of some companies that are trying to eliminate competition through unscrupulous ways. They usually hack into computers and carry out corporate espionage in a bid to outdo the other competitor (Robert Plotkin).

The risks involved when transferring or accessing information comes with attacks from four types of attacks on your computer, and they include, the virus, worm, Trojan horse and the rootkit. These are the main attacks used by all the cybercrime perpetrators to either corrupt or gain access to a computer. The virus account for the highest percentage of attacks and any computer that has no antivirus program or a well-built firewall usually is vulnerable to these attacks. The virus once introduced into a computer, it will always alter the functioning of the computer in a way that impairs it. With its continuous affection of the files, the virus spreads through the entire system leading to its failure (Cavusoglu, Mishra and Raghunathan). Lots of valuable information are usually lost this way making it very important to possess the antivirus that keeps the system on check and eliminates any unwanted or suspected programs and files especially when one is online. Another solution would be to make use of online security check- up services to detect vulnerability online service like the email (Dinev and Hart).

A computer worm is a program that continuously replicates and it takes up a lot of bandwidths leading to its wastage. Unlike viruses which make themselves a part of the executable files, the worm attaches to any file. The Trojan horse is a program that camouflages and acts appear to be like the normal programs but it's not (Dinev and Hart). It does not make copies of itself like the virus and the worm but causes the same potential of harm to the computer. Another common malicious program mostly used by hackers is the rootkit. The program is…[continue]

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