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The other person will feel inferior; the complex will increase from having a feeling of injustice. In this way you will turn to be a hard task master than a cooperative Boss who tends to understand the people and their abilities.

3.5. Conciliatory Approach:

This is the approach that helps in retaining the long-term relations where sometimes you agree with people and sometimes make them agree with you. Human behavior has the tendency to void every situation and rule. If a person is moving with the approach of conciliation, that is known as the state of compromise in other words. Then one can have long lasting and content relationships. Trust is the important factor that will eliminate control and autonomous behavior at home and at the workplace, even it helps to build a strong relationship. Compromise is also a two way cycle. Sometimes one does and sometimes the other. But if only on the individual is doing compromise and the other is always on the imposing end. This situation may lead to stress, anxiety, frustration, unhappiness and sorrow. Conciliation does happen when both the parties are ready to compromise and forgive for one and the other. The researchers Takada and Ohbuchi (2013) found that, "the people who tend to forgive are the individuals who try every possible way to resolve the conflict" (p. 184). Where ever the injustice happens, it is a cause of conflict and may end up to a stressful condition if not been solved in time with amicable effect.

4. Conflict Resolution and Stress Management:

Conflict and stress are part and participles. If conflict prolongs to a longer time period it becomes stressed and eventually turn into depression. It is always advised that the conflict if arise between the parties must be resolved immediately and amicably so it does not result in the breakage of bonds and relationships. There are people who stop talking to each other when they have a difference of opinions. This is the worst scenario because in that span of not talking many things got intrude. It might be a person's own thinking pattern or it might be some people who want the difference to exploit. That is why, whenever is the conflict, and a person is near and dear to that. They must talk to each other by removing your egos. They need to discuss the issues and try to resolve them by themselves, or make a mediator or take an arbitrator between them. The mediator will listen to both the parties and do suggest the solution for removal of conflict. The role of an arbitrator is to listen to both the parties and he is the one who can give the judgement and both have to admit the decision of the arbitrator. All the conditions are helpful in the conflict resolution. The researcher Skinner (1957) found that" the verbal behavior is an effective way of communication and an alternate to the language which once used as an influential source." He was of the view that good communication and good use of words and sentences will make the other person listens to what he or she is saying, hence will resolve the conflict by making other attentive and listen to you in a persuading way.

5. Conflict Avoidance Techniques:

There are several emotional intelligence techniques which can be a helpful resource in personality building in avoiding conflicts and difference of opinions. The humor plays a vital role in removing the conflicts. Conflict always leads to the feeling of impaired rifts that hurt disappointments and sometimes disgusted. But when you use your humor to tackle the hard situations. The humor helps to melt the hard rock easily and quickly. If a person is getting angry the other must get relax and there is no need to fight back, he/she needs to use its nonverbal skills to avoid the situations. When the other gets to relax after yelling and scolding, then show your perspective. If the person is on the wrong perspective, he/she will only understand when he/she will be calm. In anger no one is in the condition to listen to anything. Every person has its own stimulus to stress and happiness. A person is required to figure the appropriate key to make stress relief. Food, Juices, music, lively conversations, jokes, atmosphere of the surrounding etc. can be a help in the stress relieving techniques.

6. Human Behavior and its predicament / Conclusion:

The human being is an unpredictable living being and the most vulnerable too. There are millions of dimensions in which it has been studied. But every dimension has its own sub-dimensions. Conflict is one part of it which is a deep rooted discussion which may lead a person in a state of anger, sadness, coma, anxiety, frustration, madness, depression, tension and much more. One can think how a person gets sad and angry at one moment. It is human, when he is not able doing something he/she becomes sad and get angry why he/she cannot be able to do. The feeling of helplessness is the factor that plays a part here. Resolving a conflict is not much difficult task. But it needs to lower down the egos and not mixing the prestige with it. People used to mix prestige with the ego. Prestige comes when you don't want to work below dignity. But ego is when you have the power to do but you don't do because of the grudges you have about the particular person. Conflicts that lead to the destruction of relationships, whether at work place between subordinates, bosses, peers, clients or at home with wife, mother, brother, sisters or children is bad. One must avoid it. There is a need to set the priorities and timings for work and relationships. One should avoid being a robot in this competitive era. The book written by Joyce & Wilmot (1985) has explained that the conflict can be raised between anyone, there is no hard and fast rule in it, but there is a need to manage them every time they arise.

7. Impact of Trainings:

Proper training sessions on emotional intelligence should be organized in the organizations. In this way people tend to know each other by interactions. They will be able to know the abilities and capabilities of others. Sharing of information will help in bonding the individuals with each other. Parrott (2003) found that "the counselling can help in the quick resolution of conflicts." The trainings and counseling sessions will help in the sharing ideas, trust and avoid the conflicts that arise in the team working for one goal. Regular Trainings and counseling means regular interaction of people from different departments. This will enhance the relationship between the people, people become friendly and will know the field in which they are working. This will remove the barriers of information among the employees and organizational heads.

8. Limitations:

This is an unending research, the more you study the more it turns complex. One must avoid conflicts. Everyone in this hassled world needs to relax, calm their nerves, be a good listener, stop back stabbing and try to help each other in the time of difficulty. Because there can be a time when you need someone for help and you don't find anyone due to your behavior of avoidance or bossiness.


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