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This aspect ensures promoting of democracy. The other benefit is that it facilitates the space for dialogue that ensures that the members of the conversation maintain a meaningful and orderly exchange of thoughts and opinions. The members also engage in a successful conversation, which helps to facilitate solution or ideas to a certain dilemma. This method also constitutes to teamwork. Research conducted by Lafasto and Larson explain that teams work better than individuals and especially when there is a certain order or control (3). Teamwork also provides support for each other an aspect, which helps them in achieving a better solution.


The first limitation of the conversation cafe is that it is only brief since it goes like one and half hours. This implies that the more the members, the lesser the time available for discussing the issues of concern. In this case, other issues of concern may not be deeply discussed as expected. The other limitation is that, when it comes to the spirited dialogue session, the members might not agree on one point and this creates split of the teamwork endorsed.

Give us a visual map/flowchart of the process that can give potential users a clear idea of its design

Describe how you would use the process to intervene into a case that is important to you.

The Conversation Cafe Method can prove quite helpful when it comes to handling certain cases. For instance, if I had a case of great significance, I would call all the persons contributing directly or indirectly to the case, and if it does not touch on other individuals, I would invite the people I think have the knowledge and skills to help in contributing towards achieving the solution of the case. I would be the host and my aim would be getting the ideas that the people I have invited think will be helpful to my case. The session for the dialogue will then help me in determining how the members comment or provide feedback to evaluate the best option as facilitated by the members in the first round. Lafasto and Larson argue that the convention method incorporates teamwork that helps in facilitating ideas from different heads to solve a problem (3).

Application of the process in Saudi Arabia

The process is applicable in Saudi Arabia since the country does not recognize the rights of women. This is because most of the Saudi Arabia men are conservative and hence oppose the idea to allow women to participate in the national issues. In this case, conversation cafe can constitute both women and men to discuss issues related to the women rights in the country. Recording such a conversation can help in showing the actual feeling of the Saudi Arabia women with regard to their rights and hence help men appreciate the need to embrace the women rights in the country.

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The host gives people the last chance before closing for them to say what they are taking away from the conversation and then closes the conversation.

The conversation opens up, and people can now speak without following any specific order. The host suggests that the group use talking object in case contention, domination or lack of focus

Each person is given a turn to speak, introduce themselves and contribute towards the theme, and no feedback or response is facilitated.

The round where everyone is given another opportunity or a chance to contribute once more and give feedback if any to a certain comment from the other members

The host takes charge and welcomes everyone, gives the theme of the cave, start time and moments of silence

Conversation Cafe 'hosts' give the required tools such as nametags and papers to the members who have come to the conversation

Spirited Dialogue

Round two


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