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" Precision is the empirical counterpart of clarity and pertains to whether the definition "describes or implies measures and outcomes that meet acceptable tests of precision." Durability/Ruggedness are in relation to the methods and outcomes durable across contexts, situations and changes in theoretical, social or political climates and whether the definition attaches strongly to core empirical questions that cannot be defined away or otherwise weakened.


In the realm of social science the conceptual component of clarity comes into play in the educational institution and the claim of quality education. Furthermore education is conceptually amiss through the conceptual component of scrutability in that "professional and technical language" are all too often used unnecessarily. In operationalizing quality in education social science sate that which is perceivable and measurable or that which is represented by the abstraction. For instance quality is an empirical word with meanings that are applied to the type of education received.

Quality is full of meaning bringing to mind the best there is to be possessed, the optimum, or the cream of the crop. Therefore, the word quality has been used and over-used in reference to education. Although this is conceptually based the empirical abstraction has deemed in the mind of the mass public that the measurement of that quality rests with the school professionals. That if these professional individuals are adept with certain words and phrases that those individuals are the vested authorities on that subject. However there are few behavioral scientists that would agree with this definition of While considerable research points to the fact that education has much to desire in terms of quality still the mid-range class in terms of knowing what educational quality actually is holds that quality education is in existence in the present. Operationalism is that which involves a judgment in some measure and cannot be totally effective in the representation of a concept on an empirical basis.

Models, theories, hypothesis and taxonomy are that by which sociological concepts are explained. Social capital is one theory touted by sociology in relation to educational quality. Social Capital states Healy (2001) is a prominent concept in the discourse of contemporary social science, especially in social policy. Social capital refers to the formal and informal networks that enable people to mobilize resources and achieve common goals. Over the past decade, associations as diverse as the World Bank, government social policy departments, non-government agencies and new social movements have turned their attention to the role of social capital in achieving social goals. Claims made on behalf of this 'resource' vary from its contribution to the realization of crime-free communities and positive education outcomes, to its importance in economic development and the growth of democratic societies. In fact "social capital" is something that is being explored and adopted for use by many of the world's largest agencies that are connected with social policy.

Summary and Conclusion

While the social sciences use many elements in their claims for the behavior and development of individuals as well as those thing that influence them internally and eternally it cannot be fully nor clearly explained why the quality that should exist in the educational institution it not present however, it can be explained through social sciences the reason why education is either perceived to be that of 'quality' or conceived to be lacking 'quality' in its content, environment, practices, and other relative matters. The shifts and changes that accompany globalization of society may very well in the future demand more sensible and realistic methods of assessing and explaining educational quality

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