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This is problematic, as these kinds of issues could lead to wide spread disruptions with no one knowing or understanding where it came from. For example, if a terrorist group was able to master this tool, they could utilize it to attack Western power grids. (Magnuson, 2013)

This would create significant amounts of disruptions without having anyone being able to trace what is happening directly. When this occurs, there is a realistic possibility that they could shutdown the economy and disrupt trade for significant amounts of time. These kinds of scenarios are becoming more realistic with this tool being readily available over the Internet. (Magnuson, 2013)

In other cases, this application could be used to attack a cloud network and gain access to large amounts of data. This information will help criminal groups to obtain entire profiles on people and organizations. They have the option of going to various institutions and laundering money over long periods of time. Once this is detected, no one will know or have any idea about what is happening until it is too late. (Magnuson, 2013)

Zeus is another tool which is used to speed up the vulnerabilities of web sites, servers and other infrastructure to attack. The way it works is this program allows someone to launch prewritten assaults against computer networks without the sophistication of experienced it professionals. Instead, it is basically a self-help guide, which can create code that mirrors those utilized by firms and other organizations. ("Cyber Attack Tool Kits," 2011)

It tricks the system into thinking that this is a legitimate user who is trying to access it. Once they are in, is the point when these vulnerabilities are exploited with them uploading a malware or Trojan horse. Hackers can then have unlimited access to different files and will circumvent various firewalls (without having to worry about anyone knowing or realizing what they are up to). ("Cyber Attack Tool Kits," 2011)

In the past, this has been used by many to conduct different kinds of cyber attacks by making it appear as if someone from the organization is trying to log in. However, once they are given access, is the point they will use these vulnerabilities for their own benefit. Over the last three years, this tool has been one of the primary factors behind a number of high profile breaches inside various organizations. ("Cyber Attack Tool Kits," 2011)

For instance, in one particular case, hackers were able to access the records of two different financial institutions. Zeus allowed them to trick the system into thinking that they were legitimate individuals from these firms. However, once inside, is when they were able to steal over $70 million dollars without anyone knowing. This is problematic, in showing the overall scope of the vulnerabilities and the potential threats on others. ("Cyber Attack Tool Kits," 2011)

The likely impact this will have on society is to create a shift in how security procedures are utilized and the kinds of countermeasure which are in place. This means that more safeguards and checks must be used in conjunction with additional amounts of monitoring. If this can occur, organizations will not be as vulnerable to these kinds of threats. ("Cyber Attack Tool Kits," 2011)

The Best Strategies for Addressing these Kinds of Challenges

The most effective tool for addressing these types of challenges is to create a series of cyber firewalls. This can occur by enacting countermeasures which understand the various tools that are being utilized. Then, begin enabling them, to serve as an initial line of defense against possible breaches. Under this approach, different firewalls can be connected together to create a series of fail safes. That will monitor and isolate any kind of potential threats. ("Cyber Security," 2012)

In the case of individuals who are using cloud computing solutions, these tools can restrict the kinds of traffic. That is allowed to access their information from various IP addresses. This will occur with each person determining what organizations are able to send information to them. As they have the ability to reject those who they do not wish to be contacted from. ("Cyber Security," 2012)

While organizations, can follow a similar strategy only on a much higher level. In this particular case, the administrator can monitor what is happening and isolate any kind of threats for further evaluation. This requires having various staff members understanding the vulnerabilities and constantly watching for the primary signs of a potential attack. If there is any kind of questionable activities, they can refer this to the administrator. They can contact the person and find out what is happening. ("Cyber Security," 2012)

These kinds of firewalls could be used together on virtual basis by carefully examining and determining if a particular IP address is trying to repeatedly search for vulnerabilities. In these types of cases, increased amounts of activity could serve as a possible warning sign. To help keep up with any changes, outside consultants could be brought in to test and provide recommendations for adjusting with new challenges. This will help an organization to adapt their strategies and adjust their firewalls to new threats they are dealing with. ("Cyber Security," 2012)

This will have an impact on the general population by creating alternative ways of educating everyone about possible threats and offering insights to counter them. If cyber firewalls can be utilized more frequently, it will prevent someone from easily breaching and exploiting critical systems where they are storing their most sensitive information. However, like any kind of safeguards, there must be adjustments made to these strategies. To deal with these challenges, outside consultants could identify potential breaches and offer ideas for countering them. This can be used to educate individuals and organizations about how to deal with new threats. At the same time, it will offer ideas for protecting themselves and what to be aware of. When this happens, the odds decrease of them seeing various kinds of breaches. ("Cyber Security," 2012)


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