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Grasso last year, contending that the $139.5 million payout that Mr. Grasso received in the summer of 2003 was exorbitant and in violation of New York's not-for-profit law, which states that executives at not-for-profit organizations, like the exchange, receive "reasonable" compensation. Mr. Spitzer has said he will seek more than $100 million back from Mr. Grasso. In his complaint, Mr. Spitzer cited the Webb report as crucial to his investigation. But until yesterday it remained confidential. The document describes some of the crucial points made in the complaint, among them that the board was misled about the size of Mr. Grasso's bonuses and that $13 million of his $139.5 million payment was vested when in fact it was not (THOMAS and Anderson 2005).


The antitrust authorities should permit Microsoft to merge with Yahoo because it will be more profitable in the end. This is due to the fact that Microsoft is giant and can make any situation benefit themselves and others. "Antitrust rules evolved from very distinct policy traditions in the United States and Europe. Americans are fond of protecting competition, not competitors, while Europeans are much more comfortable engineering what markets should look like. Microsoft is not the first American company to run afoul of European antitrust regulators, and it will not be the last. GE and Honeywell, as well as Sprint and MCI, had merger problems in Europe, and Apple has been making the rounds of the European judicial circuit over its iTunes business practices. More recently, the European Commission has set its sights on Intel, spurred on by complaints from rival American chipmaker AMD.

In the end, consumers bear the costs of such tinkering, propping up firms that would otherwise not stay in business, and surrendering to regulators important decisions about what they are looking for in new products. This approach diminishes innovation for the sake of protecting big business, leaving consumers holding the bag. American antitrust laws focus almost exclusively on consumer welfare; if there is no demonstration of consumer harm, there is no antitrust violation. Competitors may fall in the creative destruction that is the marketplace, but as long as there is no consumer harm, companies are free to adapt their products to meet emerging needs of their customers"(Armey 2007) Furthermore, it does not seem this merger will cost the consumer any harm, which is what Europe is worried about.


Amaani Lyle was not sexually harassed on the set of the television show called "Friends." "The Appeals Court determined that the writers' behaviors, although inappropriate in many workplaces, were required for their jobs. The Appeals Court found that "creative necessity" should be included in the "totality of circumstances" considered as part of the determination of whether sexual harassment occurred. Accordingly, the California Supreme Court found that: "Based on the totality of the undisputed circumstances, particularly the fact the 'Friends' production was a creative workplace focused on generating scripts for an adult-oriented comedy show featuring sexual themes...we find no reasonable trier of fact could conclude these particular comments were severe enough or sufficiently pervasive to create a work environment that was hostile" (Friends' getting too friendly 2007). Even though the behavior was not necessary, it was not sexual harassment because it was a creative environment that discussed adult content. Regardless if she was uncomfortable, the discussion was not directed to her, therefore she had no case.


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