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Decision Sciences

Decision-making is an important activity for top management in any enterprise. Strategic thinking is required for making useful decisions. For example, business executives plan strategies to access market share, to deal with employees, to react to competition and to decide on career growth. Decision Sciences is a discipline on its own that provides techniques and methods to take decisions in any practical situations. In this paper, a list of journals and websites that provides information on Decision Sciences is provided. This list is expected to be useful to top management. (America's Investment in the Future: Decision Sciences-How the Game Is being played)

Decision Sciences" is a quarterly, professional journal published by Decision Sciences Institute. This journal utilizes the current methods of mathematics and statistics along with computer technology and behavior science. This journal is read by business professionals and teaching professionals. From 2003, Blackwell Publishing is publishing this journal. (Decision Sciences Journal: ( list of publications from Decision Sciences Institute is given in the web site:

Decision Line" is a news publication of Decision Sciences Institute. This is published five times a year. Each issue is about 48 pages and contains information on international studies, academic research, placement activities, etc. (DSI Advertising) A list of articles from Decision Line is available in the Website:

Decision Analysis Society" has a website "DAWeb." The activity of this society includes development of logical methods for making better decisions in private and public organizations. The methods used are: "models for decision-making under conditions of uncertainty or multiple objectives; techniques of risk analysis and risk assessment; experimental and descriptive studies of decision-making behavior; economic analysis of competitive and strategic decisions; techniques for facilitating decision-making by groups; and computer modeling software and expert systems for decision support." The society's members are from various backgrounds like business, psychology, research, education, engineering and other applied sciences. (Decision Analysis Society)

Decision Analysis" is a journal published by "Decision Analysis Society." This journal focuses on promoting the theory, application and teaching of all aspects of decision analysis. The main focus of the journal is to develop and study operational decision-making methods representing all aspects of decision theory and decision analysis, with the eventual goal of offering practical guidance for decision makers. This journal intends to connect the theory and practice of decision analysis, which will assist communication and the exchange of knowledge among decision analysts in academia, business, industry, and government. The articles will use various methods to meet the goals of this journal.

The topics "include the discussion of new or existing algorithms, procedures, or processes for implementing decision analysis; cognitive, organizational, or social issues in applying decision analysis; innovative uses of information technology to perform decision analysis; issues in applying decision analysis to real-world situations; and other topics that further the theory and practice of decision analysis." (Editorial Statement: Decision Analysis) The journal also brings out articles that assess and sum up significant topics or advances of interest to decision analysts or that offer creative historical, scholarly, or practical viewpoints on the field. Additionally, the journal supports articles that encourage the teaching of best practices, such as state-of -- the art applications, case studies, and tutorial matters on decision-analysis methods. All professionals who are interested in practical aspects of decision analysis and decision theory are the audience for this journal. A sample list of papers published is provided in the Editorial Statement of this journal. (Editorial Statement: Decision Analysis)

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education" is yet another journal from the Decision Sciences Institute. This journal publishes important researches applicable to teaching and learning issues in the decision sciences. The decision sciences embrace all functional areas of business, accounting, business strategy, finance, marketing, operations and logistics management and statistics. This journal publishes Empirical articles, Case study articles, Theoretical articles and Technical briefs. The Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education website is full of abstracts of all Empirical Research, Case Study Research and Conceptual/Theoretical articles, over and above Teaching Briefs in their entirety. It also holds information for contributors and a site where authors can verify the status of articles in process. The website also contains notices about forthcoming events related to innovative education in the…[continue]

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