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Current estimations are that there is only 30 cents per person being spent by the Mexican government to combat deforestation efforts (Peters, 2002).

It will be important for the government to invest more money and sustain that investment for years as it takes 15 to 20 years to re-grow some of the hardwoods currently being threatened by the deforestation process (Peters, 2002).

This problem can be dealt with locally through government programs and education. A program that educates the public on the future problems of deforestation and ways to reduce the impact of the problem can be sponsored by the government and taught in individual areas of the nation.


Another serious issue being faced by the Mexican people is air pollution.

Mexico has been under the gun concerning air pollution for many years. Mexico City is among the world's most polluted cities when it comes to smog and the air the residents breath. Several years ago air alerts were a fact of life for the residents as students would remain in their classrooms and people with health issues would be urged not to go outdoors that day. However, due to government programs and recent restrictions on industry and the auto industry the air pollution numbers have begun to come down with the air quality improving (Orders, 2002).

One of the program the government has implemented to combat the problem is a no drive day. When the air quality gets to dangerous in Mexico City the government orders a driving ban day.

When pollution levels reach two times their acceptable limits cars are ordered off the roads and are parked until the driving ban is lifted. The only vehicles allowed on the roads during the bans are newer modeled vehicles that have a reduced air pollution capacity and they are only to be used for emergencies even then (Orders, 2002).

In the past, almost half of the city's estimated 3 million vehicles were ordered off the streets during such alerts. But many residents have bought newer, cleaner models that are allowed even during emergencies (Orders, 2002). "

Many of the programs being implemented are modeled after programs that the nation has watched the United Stated implement. California has been known to have serious air pollution problems for many years. It addressed those issues by deciding several decades ago to set air quality standards for automobiles and industries and fine those who do not pass the measurements that are required.

This program has worked as the air pollution numbers have declined steadily since the program implementation.

The programs is also worked due to educating the public of the importance of reducing pollution over the years.


It is important for Mexico to continue its efforts in the reduction of deforestation issues and air pollution issues. As the world continues to globalize each nation becomes more vital to the workings of the entire world population therefore it would behoove other countries to step in and assist Mexico in the design and implementation of programs created to reduce pollution.

Creating guidelines for industries to follow and enforcing fines for the industries that go outside of the guidelines is an important first step to reducing air pollution. In addition to the current vehicle emissions regulations it will be important for the government to encourage carpooling and the use of public transportation to reduce the number of vehicles that are on the road at any given time.

Examining the world's nations with relatively few environmental issues would be another cost effective step to deciding what to do about the problems in Mexico.

The nation can develop a team who will compile a report detailing the nation's with the least number of environmental issues. The team must take care to be sure the examined countries are comparable in their state of industrialization and then determine what measures they have taken to reduce their environmental issues. This would be a cost effective first step to getting Mexico's name removed from the top ten list of environmental problems.


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