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Superior Customer Value

The purpose of this research paper is to identify value proposition for SAP software, the paper will also identify their strategies for optimizing communications and delivering customer value. The paper will make considerable attempt to discover the status of SAP on customer service, marketing, and organizational responsiveness and how they create and/or deliver superior customer value. Discussion will be mainly based on macro environmental and micro environmental factors, which affects the organizational environment and the business of the company. Initially the paper will provide brief background of the company and its formation so that the reader can gain effective information regarding the inception and development of SAP software. The paper will also present a conclusion based on the relative findings and information, which will be discussed throughout in the paper.


"Founded in 1972, SAP is the recognized leader in providing collaborative business solutions for all types of industries and for every major market. Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, SAP is the world's largest inter-enterprise software company, and the world's third-largest independent software supplier overall. We have a rich history of innovation and growth that has made us a true industry leader. Today, SAP employs over 29,600 people in more than 50 countries. Our professionals are dedicated to providing high-level customer support and services. By deploying the best technology, services, and development resources, SAP has delivered a business platform that unlocks valuable information resources, improves supply chain efficiencies, and builds strong customer relationships."

The company was formed in the year 1972, from there on the organizational authorities are working hard to make this company on top of the world. The authorities have worked very hard to develop strategies and methodologies, which could help them in providing the customers with the products, which they really need. SAP is the world's largest inter-enterprise software company. The company has gained this status in a period of many years; the organizational authorities and the employees have worked hard and cooperated with each other to flourish the business of the company. The analysis and researches show that the company has gained such heights of success y delivering superior quality services to their customers. The organizational authorities are aware of the fact that the customers are the ultimate people on whom the entire business depends upon therefore; special consideration sand attention is paid to the demands and wishes of the consumers.


It has been noted that SAP is serving its customers from many years and they apply suitable strategies for communication and for managing the affairs of the organization. The strategies of the company depends on their value proposition, a value proposition is regarded as an added benefit brought by a company that justifies price and positioning.

"The value of solving everyday IT business tasks for its customers is obvious to SAP, which is hoping not only to add revenue through delivery of the packaged services but also to reduce frustration among customers working to integrate tools or add capabilities to its complex systems. SAP is also hoping that customers view its quick-fix projects as more attractive than the process of finding and working with additional applications vendors. SAP has been working hard of late to reduce the perception that its enterprise systems can be challenging to work with. By deploying the best technology, services, and development resources, SAP has delivered a business platform that unlocks valuable information resources, improves supply chain efficiencies, and builds strong customer relationships."

Excellent customer service, marketing, and organizational responsiveness are the major factors, which are responsible for the deliverance of superior quality services to the customers. After analyzing the status of the company it can be rightly said that SAP has made considerable efforts in stabilizing its strategies and it has applied all the methodology, which could prove successful in gaining the attention of the ultimate customers. The company makes regular researches and conducts surveys to know and gather information about the likes and dislikes of the customers, the researches also investigates about the needs and demands of the ultimate consumers. The organizational authorities develop friendly relations with the employees so that they can also help them in fulfilling the demands and needs of the ultimate consumers. The SAP and its authorities have evolved various strategies which are suitable for fulfilling the demands of customers and therefore, they are continuously making success in the business because they believe on the importance of the customers.


"The environment in which an organization operates can be divided into two components: microenvironment and macro environment. The microenvironment refers to the factors that are in close proximity to the organization, whereas the macro environment refers to the larger societal and natural forces. One such macro environmental variable is the natural environment. This includes the availability of raw materials, climatic conditions, geographic terrain of the marketplace, and impact marketing, to name a few factors" vbcid=1932

The organizational authorities pay special consideration to the micro environmental factors as well as macro environmental factors. These two factors read much important in structuring the strategies of the organization and these factors have to be considered by the strategy makers in order to adapt suitable strategies for the deliverance of services to the customers. The macro environmental factors read related to natural environment whereas the microenvironment factors are related to the organization itself. The organizational authorities state that:

"Micro environmental factors of which you need to keep abreast include:

Markets. You should profile consumer markets that you plan to target in your project.

Customers. Be sure to profile your potential customers or clients, along with their needs, buying behavior and attitudes toward the project and your organization.

Competition. You must know your major competitors' strengths and weaknesses, along with the sizes and trends in their market share.

Public affairs. Be aware of your reputation in the public arena. If the people you are trying to serve have doubts about your organization or proposed project, your objectives might be difficult to achieve."

The organizational authorities of the SAP pay special consideration to the microenvironment factors and they develop strategies after analyzing the relative microenvironment factors. These factors are observed closely and the strategies are based on the analysis and observation of microenvironment factors. The main concept and ultimate goal of the SAP and their organizational authorities is to develop effective and suitable strategies and to stabilize the dealings with the customers. The importance of micro environmental factors and macro environmental factors cannot be neglected and therefore, the organizational authorities of SAP pay special importance to these factors so that appropriate strategies can be evolved.


The paper will present a conclusion by answering the following questions related to the research study:

-Does the study support or reject your hypothesis?

The study is based on the analysis and observation of these strategies of SAP, the hypothesis is also related to the topic and the study do supports the hypothesis regarding the SAP and delivery of superior quality services to the ultimate customers. The study has discovered the relative factors, which are linked with the strategies and methodologies of the SAP software organization.

-Does the study support or contradict previous research?

The study do support the previous researches and these researches have also stressed on the point that SAP software organization is an excellent business corporation hose authorities are continuously involved in developing new and effective strategies regarding the delivery of quality services to the customers.

-Is the study conclusive or is further research needed?

The study is conclusive in nature because it has discussed all the related factors, which are linked with the organization and its ultimate goal of delivering superior quality services to the customers. Further research is not needed in…[continue]

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