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Security at workplaces is not only the responsibility of the management, but all the parties in the premises. Therefore, it is important that everyone is involved one way or another in maintenance of security. In a company the size of Walter Widget, with 240 personnel, it can be challenging to maintain high security standards.

With the increasing nationwide crime against workplaces and businesses, the stakes in workplace security are high. Walter Widget must be concerned about theft of any kind including trade secrets, computer information and other resources. The firm needs to take necessary steps to prevent other security risks such as arson, vandalism and workplace violence.

Workplace crime affects production. According to Bressler (2007) businesses are prone to a wide variety of crimes and need to take action in prevention of criminal activities that influence profitability. Workplace crime affects the employees, because it results insecurity at work. Safety at work is one of the priorities in job satisfaction. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) make Walter Widget responsible for providing a safe workplace for the employees.

For Walter Widget to be a secure place there has to be established security policies and procedures designed to prevent crime within the premises as well as the surroundings. This paper outlines a proposed security plan for Walter Widget. It highlights personal security, securing information and company records, emergency response system, hiring and training practices that enhance workplace security as well as interior and exterior Property damage. The paper also gives recommendation on the necessary policies and procedures.


The premise in which Walter Widget operates is not secured. The building does not have an alarm system that protecting from burglary and forced entry. It is important for the building to be secured in order to protect employees as well as the information available in the computer networks. The building has four entry points that are all unsecured including the two staff entries, the main entry, loading dock and the cafeteria entry.

The neighborhood where the building is located is a low-income area. This complicates matters because despite the fact that no incidents have not been reported so far, does not mean that it will remain that way. It is evident that the neighborhood is quickly evolving downward due to deteriorating economic conditions. Crime for the areas is increasing gradually in all categories. The employees' parking lot is most vulnerable due to the prevailing conditions in the area and the high rates of autos and scrap metal thefts.

In addition, the firm has over 200 workers and this is a large number considering the fact that they are not protected against any eventuality. The firm needs to take measure such as educating the worker on patient security issues. Nonetheless, the firm has not adapted secure hiring and training methods consistent with the latest security requirement as defined by OSHA.

Physical Plant Intrusion

Walter Widget Company has the responsibility of keeping their employees, property and work environment safe from any physical intrusion such as burglary and vandalism. The company is to ensure unauthorized individuals are restricted from accessing the premises.

Despite the fact that protecting the employees' assets and the production process require an overall idea, designing the level of required security for the entry points may prove difficult.

Common ways of protecting the facilities include barricading, fencing and hiring guards. This may provide low protection and might not restrain some individuals from gaining access in to the building. Securing all the entry points as well as the parking lot would entail the installation of video surveillance, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, and command centers that work together to provide extensive protection for the company.

The installation of this integrated security feature will allow Walter Widget managers ability to provide top security to their workforce while concentrating on other tasks that assist in the safe running of the company. Consequently, the integrated security system will be strategically placed at the entry points. This will give a clear view of the incidents taking place within the premises to counter the cases of burglary and unwarranted access to the hallways, offices and bathrooms.

Using the video surveillance will enable the control room operators track incidences happening within the premises from the parking lot to the points of entry and the inside offices. The installation of central circuit television focusing on the parking lot, staff and public entry points will help curb cases of burglary, fraudulent activities and other malicious activities of both the staff and the clients. The digital video surveillance system provides much greater flexibility due to the ability to manage and filter large video information captured continuously.

The video surveillance is a round the clock surveillance. It increases the accuracy of the security surveillance, which help operators respond to abnormal security situations. Vital operations are recorded and their analysis help the company gauge the day's events.

Prevention of Interior and Exterior Property Damage

Walter Widget manufacturing plant is vulnerable to property damages from both external and internal persons. Walter widget is not equipped with both security and fire alarm system and is not fully efficient to withstand the dangers of property damage from external and internal environment. Located in an area with light police patrols is not enough to accord the company the desired security needed. The increasing crime rates within the neighborhoods are precursors of major crime in future. This makes security system highly recommended for the company to guard against the damage of the property.

The installation of lightning protection systems is necessary to prevent damages, which may arise from lack of light (Underwriters Laboratories, 2012). This is necessary because lighting strikes lead to loss of business and structural damages of the business. Such lightning strike makes the business close for repairs and low compensations from insurance firms are insufficient to enable the renovation of the lighting struck facility. For this reason, the installation of lightning protection systems within the company is necessary.

The lightning system is beneficial to the firm as the system reduces the ricks of lightning strikes and damages of the firm's premises. Additionally, the system prevents the investment from suffering downtime and loss of business time in events of lighting damages. Besides, the lightning protection system gives the workers feelings of safety and ensures their productivity within the business.

The other way of ensuring the safety of the property from damages, vandalism and theft is hiring security guards to secure the premises. Security guards help prevent damages to the building via vandalisms, ensure safety of the firm and assist in other security operations within the firm. The company may be secured from crime losses and vandalism by the incorporation of security guards to man the building during and after office hours.

Security guards minimize theft cases by denying insiders and outsiders' opportunities to engage in pilferages of company properties. Incidentally, security guards should be thoroughly trained to cross examine crime suspects, create loss prevention rapports thus minimizing cases of theft. The mere presence of security personnel is enough to denote safety to the workers and clients. This makes patrons and workers feel their safety is given priority and appreciate the business, leading to increased productivity and sustainability of the firm. Finally, the security guards assist with other safety concerns by checking alarms to ensure no prevailing threat.

Personal Security Measures

Walter widget manufacturing company requires personal security measures to reduce cases of workplace assault, personal property damages in cases of the normal operations of the firm. Personal security is necessary for the business as it includes staff trainings about security devices, professional services in handling the company's security and practical changes that help to provide a secure and safe workplace for employees.

Measures of personal security include hiring and training of honest and reliable individuals to secure control systems. The manufacturing corporation is liable to recognize and be responsible to give protection to workers, communities, and other stakeholders by putting in place several security-based standards and procedures (Idaho National Engineering and Enviromental Laboratory, 2004).

These personal measures include training the workers and company's security personnel on the installed security devices in cases of assault, fire outbreaks and other natural disasters. The other personal security measures to be incorporated by the company to prevent scenarios of vandalism, theft and property damages include the construction of barriers to deny clients access to the cash ledger and scanners to restrict unauthorized access to outsiders and other suspicious persons.

Record and Information security

Company should focus primarily on the protection of their electronic information assets against the risk of loss, misuse, disclosure and corruption. This will enable sharing of information in a manner that ensures the logical defense of that information.

The firm should create a position that deals with records and information security. The position will implement policy and procedures for handling information within the firm. The position will protect information from a wide range of threats and minimize damages in the event of a security breach.


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