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Dream: I become a business consultant in a company that specializes in developing marketing strategies for cosmetics products.

• My Life Role: College student

• My Long-Term Goals in This Role:

I earn an associate of arts (A.A.) degree by June 2012.

I earn a bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree by June 2014.

I participate in a two-month business internship in an advertising company in the summer of 2014.

I earn a master of business administration (MBA) degree by June 2016.

I publish a scholarly business journal article by the time I earn my master's degree.

• My Short-Term Goals in This Role: (this semester)

I achieve an A in my English 1, Counseling, Introduction to Business, and Business Law classes by May 12.

I complete a research paper about the importance of marketing strategies for my introductory business class by April 14.

I discuss the findings of my paper with my family over skype and explain them why I want to focus on marketing strategies for cosmetics products in the future by April 30.

4. I learn and apply five counseling strategies that will help me maintain confidence in myself and build better communication skills in the future by May 4.

5. I complete reading two business textbooks by May 12.

6. I complete 25 journal entries, each consisting of at least 650 words, for my counseling class by the end of the semester.

7. I submit six mini-papers and two research essays for my English 1 class and improve my writing skills by May 12.

8. I read at least five articles (three business-related) every morning throughout this semester, thus familiarizing myself with daily business news and improving my reading as well as writing skills.

9. I attend as many business lectures as I can throughout the semester.

10. I learn about the ways of utilizing my smartphone for improving the productivity of my studies and fitness exercise.

Part II.

This assignment was challenging but turned out to be very helpful. It forced me to think deeply about my dreams, long-term and short-term goals. Thinking about and setting goals also helped me concentrate on areas I need to work better. I was able to clarify some of the confusing thoughts about my future career and academic goals. And I am more confident now in explaining others who continuously ask about my future goals and plans.

The assignment dramatically boosted my motivation this semester. I am a better goal-oriented person now and I have several targets that I know I need to aim at. I try to be optimistic and relaxed for the sake of productivity in my studies, but at the same time I cannot relax fully because I continuously think about achieving my short-term goals. Achieving them will help me achieve my long-term goals. Therefore, I have to work harder. I also need to organize my daily activities better so that I complete my assignments more effectively and efficiently.

Journal Entry 19

Part I.

Placating: Not a big deal. I was not keen to take this course this semester anyway, so I will just take it in the next semester and graduate later. I love being in this school. That is all right.

Blaming: I think, you did it on purpose. You do not want to have students like me in your class. And you just do not like me. That is why you came up with this lame excuse -- I am sure, there must be a space for me in this class -- to prolong my graduation and the realization of my future goals. Shame on you!

Leveling: I appreciate that you accept only the students whom you can see in the roster. But I must be in this class because I registered for it in time. There probably is a misunderstanding involved or perhaps my name did not appear in the roster you received because of a technical glitch in the system. Would you be able to double-check with the registrar, please? I am sure they would provide you with an updated roster that would show my name on it.

Part II.

Dear Sir,

I cannot stress enough how helpful you have been in the last three years. My life in the United States has not been easy but thanks to financial aid you provided me with regularly I am able to continue my studies.

It is certainly uncomfortable for me to ask and I will fully understand you if you cannot respond to my request positively this time. My goal is to get my Associate Degree, which will be a stepping stone for getting a BA and then finally an MBA. As I have explained in the conversations we had in the past and my past letters of request, this is my only chance to get a degree. Postponing my studies now will jeopardize my studies altogether.

I work hard to support myself, but since I am taking four classes this semester, I cannot dedicate much time to earning extra money to support myself. If I work more, I will not have enough time for studies. Without your help, I am facing a financial obstacle that I am afraid I may not be able to overcome. Please, consider my special circumstances and try to think about the possibility of continuing to support me financially. If you can keep providing the regular monthly stipend you have been granting me, it would be an enormous assistance, as it would make the realization of my short-term and long-term goals possible.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Yours truly,

Part III.

My assertiveness should not make me a quitter or overly emotional as to blame others for my inability to overcome obstacles. Placating is an effective form of communication I should employ when I need somebody's assistance in overcoming my obstacles.

Journal Entry 20

Part I.

Five years ago I decided to get a college degree. My decision was firm and I said to myself that I will do everything in my power to overcome whatever obstacles may appear on my way of achieving my goal.

1) In what area of my life was I off course? When I thought that I did not need a college degree. I kept doing menial jobs here and there and at some point was not sure what the meaning of life was for me.

2) What choices had I made to get off course? I had not looked far and ambitiously in setting my goals. That led me to get off course, I believe now.

3) What changes did I make to get back on course? I understand the importance of education in being independent. And being independent helps build self-esteem. Self-esteem leads to a satisfactory life. Thinking about these things helped me to get on course.

4) What challenges did I face while making this change? I had to give up on my jobs and justify my decisions for members of my family. Quitting jobs and embarking on a journey to a different country was certainly a risk. But it was a risk worth confronting.

5) What personal strengths helped me make this change? Strong determination and ambition. Also, belief in my abilities and confidence.

6) What benefits did I experience as a result of my change? I have been going through lots of challenging but helpful experiences thanks to this change. I have been learning about other people, ideas, values, and cultures. I also learned English language skills, critical thinking skills, and counseling skills.

7) If I hadn't made this change, what would my life be like today? My life would have been dull and uninspiring. I would probably have lost some of my confidence. I would still be doing menial jobs, without seeing…[continue]

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