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Imagine that you are providing professional development on these topics. Which strategies from your reading would you use? Which strategies would you omit if time constraints did not permit you to use all of them? How would you assess their understanding and implementation of the training?

Adjustable assignments, compacting and grouping are used in conjunction with one another to improve the quality of education. This is accomplished through using each method to increase the student's comprehension of key concepts. In differentiated instruction, this is addressing individual styles of learning through various formats. (Gregory, 2007, pp. 71- 86)

Adjustable assignments are when there is a focus on understanding different skill sets of the student and identifying potential strengths / weaknesses. The way that this can be implemented, is by pre-assessing individual capabilities through: quizzes and other formats. Compacting is when specific curriculum is presented to the student that will address their different strengths and weaknesses. In the classroom, this can be implemented by offering specific subjects that will challenge gifted students or help to provide further explanation. Grouping is having all of the students learn together based on their personal / social attributes and ability to understand the material. The basic idea is to have someone studying with their peers (who will stimulate further educational discussion). The way this is used in the classroom is to have group discussions based on the content and material that is presented. Gregory, 2007, pp. 71- 86)

As a result, the two strategies that educators should rely on are adjustable assignments and compacting. One possible approach that could be omitted for time constraints is the group-based technique. This is because these kinds of discussions could take time on a limited amount of topics. The way that the understanding of the material can be determined is through focusing on specific areas. To include: an improvement in grades, individual attitudes about learning and in the kinds of discussions they are having on a host of issues. (Gregory, 2007, pp. 71- 86)

Task 3: Chapter II-6 of your text discussed several graphic organizers for student success. Which of these have you used with students? Which of those that you have not used would you try in a classroom? How can you differentiate instruction with graphic organizers? Discuss a concept that is important to you. Which graphic organizer would you use to teach this concept to your co-workers?

Various graphic organizers that have been used before with students include: is the content brain compatible, are the ideas supporting the use of multiple intelligence strategies and how these concepts are utilized inside the classroom. The various organizers that have not been used include: group activities, if these activities are currently being embraced and the use white / marker boards as a visual aid. The way that differentiate instruction can play a role in this process is to provide a basic foundation for the educator. The graphic organizers will determine how and when these tools will be used in addressing a host of challenges. (Gregory, 2003, pp. 79 -- 100)

A concept that is most important is the ability to communicate with: the student and other stakeholders. This is where teachers will use a number of tools in the process to help improve the student's total amount of learning comprehension. When this happens; educators are using these concepts to enhance quality. Anything that can help students to have more enthusiasm about learning: is a key idea. The fact that communication can bring everyone together, is the most significant factor in helping to achieve these larger goals. (Gregory, 2003, pp. 79 -- 100)

The graphic organizer that should be taught to coworkers is use of multiple intelligence theories. This will keep teachers focused on providing solutions that will address the needs of each student. These ideas are concentrating on meeting the different objectives through: using a number of tools in conjunction with each other. Once this takes place, is the point that various concepts are presented in other formats. This will provide everyone with repeated exposure (in different venues that are more entertaining). In the future, this will lead to a direct increase in the total amounts of learning comprehension. (Gregory, 2003, pp.…[continue]

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