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seeing shifts in the spirit of education. Such a positive upheaval has occurred before; but, never in a forum where so many minds could be molded in so myriad ways. I see myself as a pivot in the grand scheme of things. And I wish to make a contribution. I wish to apply to Lynn University to pursue a degree. And I hope I can convince the admission committee that Lynn University is a place where my life's goals can get a direction. I also feel particularly confident that I can make a worthwhile contribution in the enrichment of the ideals for which Lynn University stands.

In high school and in my current academic setting, I have always excelled in academics. My high school and college transcripts are a testament to that fact. I have translated this high scholastic achievement into being a role model to those that follow me. I have always felt a need to help those who need my help. I have worked as a part time tutor offering free tutoring for those who need it. I have also offered free SAT help. I have often toyed with the idea of being a teacher. There is a certain fulfillment in helping and teaching. And I see it as more of an avocation than a career option.

There are so many problems in the world today. And most of them are centered on youth. Growing up, I saw the lack of positive role models that allowed some of my friends to go astray. These were beautiful, caring individuals with a lot of potential. Their futures were ruined by bad choices. Though I realize that nothing is ever completely lost, picking up the pieces of ones life and starting again takes a lot of courage. As a teacher, I could play an important role in helping to make the world a better place. I have carefully studied the brochures for Lynn University and also surfed through your very easily navigable website.

The knowledge that Lynn University offers a doctoral program in Educational Leadership seems, at this time, particularly attractive for me. There is no better future goal definition than to know that an institution is offering you the highest formal degree in something that you love to do.

At this point, I must add that I never properly defined what degree I would like to pursue. It might lead to a false impression that I am indecisive. But I see it as a very strong positive. I don't feel the need to pressure myself on making a decision because I have excelled at different activities. All through high school and in my current situation, I have maintained a very strong record of extracurricular activities, while maintaining an equally strong, if not stronger, academic record. I realize that I have to consider everything in the scheme of earning a living. Choices have been difficult to make. I have an artistic talent. But, can I forsake everything else in order to be an artist? Or should I use art as a hobby while opting for a career where it is less competitive to earn a decent living? I realize that I will invariably have to make tough choices, and I hope a solid grounding and challenging academics will help me make up my mind.

A enjoy challenges. I enjoy challenges in every walk of life. Occasionally, in high school as a member of the drama club, I was called to help out during a production. And often these productions would take up time that I would put into doing homework and preparing for mid term examinations. On occasion, stress got the better of me. I knew that the pursuit of academics had to take precedence over extra curricular activities, but I did not want to give up drama -- something I really love. There was the added burden of not being there for my fellow Drama Club members. I realized that to do both, I would have to work harder. In the end, I was happy to have done both. There were a few nights where I did with less sleep. But the fatigue wore off all too soon and the sense of achievement more than made up for any temporary inconveniences.

At this point in my life, I feel that I am in a truly happy place. I see the world as a smorgasbord in front of me. I…[continue]

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