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I wanted to learn about some of the things that I would need to do in order learn about the process of finding good employers for my clients. I wanted to get a sense of what it was like to meet a manager and tour a facility. I also was interested in seeing what a manager's response would be to the issue of hiring a rehabilitated worker.

Questions you'd like to ask of the employer about company, hiring practices, position, etc. (at least 5)

Questions should help gather information to achieve meeting intent/goal.

1. What sorts of jobs are available at a typical Dunkin' Donut?

2. I want to know a little bit about the attributes you look for a in a worker.

3. I would like to know what your expectations are for people that you hire.

4. I am interested to know what the employment policies are at Dunkin' Donuts, in particular for rehabilitated workers.

5. I am curious to know what training you provide for new employees.

6. Can you tell me a bit about the work atmosphere in this store?

Information you would like to bring to the employer's attention

- Services you can provide, -information to eliminate unspoken reservations, etc.

I mostly want to describe the program, and describe the different reasons why it is good for employers. I also want to impress upon the manager the support that can expect to receive as part of the process of rehabilitating the worker.

Information you'd like to share about the job seeker (Remember 333 mini-profile)

or your job seekers in general:

I just wanted to impress upon the manager the types of people we represent, without getting into specifics. Why we do what we do and what we hope to accomplish by bringing these people back into the workforce.

Marketing material you plan to give employer (Business Card, Brochures, Fact Sheets, Resume, etc.):

I plan to give a business card and a fact sheet. This will give some background…[continue]

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