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Testing) Materials -- Sensitive in Nature


Theme Examination - TASS

This examination is intended to assess your understanding of the roles, functions, capabilities, and limitations of U.S. military services and fundamentals and concepts of interorganizational cooperation.


This examination has a total of 50 questions and your grade will be determined based on the percentage of correct answers.

This examination is worth 50% of your C300 Theme grade.

This is a take-home exam. The exam will open 2 March 2014 at 1800 and close on 26 April 2014 at 0700.

The exam is available on Blackboard in the C300 Tests/Quizzes link and will become visible to the students on 2 March 2014 at 1800.

This is an open book examination. You may use all references and lesson materials provided for the C300 lessons.

Instructors may only answer administrative questions.

All work must be your own. You are not to discuss this examination or your answers with anyone else.

You are not authorized to copy, reproduce, or share this examination.

Blackboard Instructions:

Answer the multiple choice questions by selecting the correct answer.

You may access the examination and change an answer to a question as many times as desired during the exam period.

The system may time out and end your attempt if you are inactive for 15 minutes while you are accessing the exam. You will be unable to continue completing the exam. If this occurs, contact your instructor.

Select the Save Answer button to save your answer for each question. If you change an answer, ensure you save your new answer.

You do not need to answer questions in order; you may navigate through the questions as desired by using the arrow key or Next button.

When you have completed the examination and are satisfied with all your responses, click on the Save and Submit button. Once you submit the exam it will be locked; you will be unable to make further changes and it will be automatically graded.

When the examination time period expires at 0700, 26 April 2014, the exam will also be locked.

Multiple Attempts

This Test allows 3 attempts. This is attempt number 1.

Force Completion

This Test can be saved and resumed later.

Question Completion Status:

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Question 1

1. Which of these is formed to carry out a specific special operation or prosecute special operations in support of a theater campaign or other operations?



Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF )


Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC)


Joint Special Operations Augmentation Team (JSOAT)


Foreign Internal Defense (FID) Country Team (FIDCT)

2 points

Question 2

1. The air component of a Marine Corps MEU is a ____.



Composite Squadron


Marine Air Group


Marine Air Wing


Marine Air Brigade

2 points

Question 3

1. Who is the combatant commander charged with the space mission?










2 points

Question 4

1. In a Marine Corps Marine Expeditionary Unit the ground component is an ____.



Infantry Division


Infantry Regiment


Infantry Battalion


Infantry Brigade

2 points

Question 5

1. Which best describes the Joint Interagency Coordination Group (JIACG) or equivalent organization?



Represents U.S. Government agencies at the headquarters of the geographic combatant commands


Acts as the principal Department of Defense (DOD) diplomatic representative of Secretary of Defense and DOD components


Act as the in-country focal point for planning, coordinating, supporting, and/or executing U.S. defense issues and activities in the Host Nation


Is the principle Geographic Combatant Command (GCC) staff organization coordinating security cooperation activities based upon guidance contained in the Combatant Commander's Theater Plan

2 points

Question 6

1. Which is a role, mission, or responsibility of the Defense Logistics Agency?



Multifunctional sustainment organization tailored and task organized according to METT-TC


Equips and sustains the Army and also provides related common support to other services


Provides support for Military Departments and Geographic Combatant Commanders and is executive agent for consumable supply items

2 points

Question 7

1. Which Law of War principle…[continue]

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