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Football (soccer) gamer has become one of the lucrative fields within UK, providing thousands of people with livelihood. It has also formed the basis of economic framework keeping the flow of revenue to the UK government at very promising standards. Despite the fact this huge income is mostly enjoyed by the bigger football clubs, the amateur community clubs also have a lot to share from this experience. The most important thing is to ensure that they expand their facilities of training while in their process, of upgrading their standards so as to conform with the contemporary football (soccer) requirements that would not only boost their income but also enhance the club building and constructions to meet the designed club goals and that of the football game in general.

The expansion and upgrading of such clubs has not been easy due to the limited funds ands capacities available for them. This can be improved through the identification of credible means of acquiring extra financial sources for purposes of increasing the revenues. This is in line with the constructed goals of a club or the objectives they have set to achieve, which is only possible if there are enough funds to drive the activities of the club(s). For this to be a success, the club stakeholders have a lot to inject into the project in terms of commitment which include time allocated for the club activities, and also must exercise their creative thinking, which is vital for constructive decisions and affirmative actions.

How to increase the club revenue

After the donation of time and creative thinking as resourceful fundamentals to achieving the objectives of the club, it would be easier and logical to identify these financial sources:

Local businesses are very viable sources for amateur community clubs. The club should undertake a mission of approaching these businesses using the club contacts to convince them to provide the club sponsorship. This can be in the form of the club's jersey sponsorship which for such clubs will improve their revenue standards if the businesses agree to fund them. The condition would definitely be that the business be advertised through the writing the name or the product in which the business deals with at the front of the shirts (Masterman, 2007).

. This is meant to give the business a kind of publicity in a way that would make it widely known and its brand. In this case, the business will fund the activities of the club. The performance of the club will be an important point of consideration, because good performance will make the business associate with such a pride that is vital for the promotion of its brand within the locality. One, the club stakeholders should be ready to offer advice to the sponsors on the basis of how their funds would be spent in the daily club activities, i9ncluding the extent of expectations that the sponsors should have at the end of the day. There should be a good cohesive relationship between the club and the sponsors for purposes of team working and club building. A part from writing the sponsor's name at the front of the jerseys, they should also be named in the club events leaflets and the handbooks (Masterman, 2007).

. Increasing the club's revenue may not only present itself in the form of the sponsors funding the club activities, but it is may also be necessary for a club to seek for sponsors that can offer time in terms of free revenue hire, or free training courses and manufacturers dealing with kits who may want to provide end of line training kit.

A part from approaching certain business, organization to fund the club, the club itself should ensure that they have good facilities, which provide good venues in which social event s may be held. The community surrounding the club may find its facilities good for most of the social events that people usually have. The club may therefore provide such an important venue for members of the community who in return pay for the services of the facilities offered to them. Some of the social events that can be held under the services of the club facilities involve, prize giving, and quiz nights for instance. During these events, the club may provide food that the participants pay for, in return for the services rendered. For this to be a success, the club should ensure that it appoints a coordinator of such events, with responsibilities of planning for various events requested for in order create opportunities for fundraising, hence giving the club a source of revenue. Apart fro quiz night and the prize giving, the club may also sell personalized club clothing which many club (soccer) fans may fancy to buy, the club members may also request people to donate talents during the club's organized auction, they may also produce and sell the club's produced yearly calendars and also publish and sell to the community the end of the season documentaries or books that contain the clubs season results and the photographs of the team.

The club should also undertake to look for community development grants which are given by the British charities and companies. Before doing this, it is important that the club conducts very extensive research in a bid to understand certain fundamental requirements that the grant makers usually observe before allocation of funds. This care is amount to the club for reasons of not wasting extra funds that may occur if the club completes filling of the forms of application before understanding the terms and conditions of the grant makers. It is also important that the club understand that contribution to the community benefit may also be shared by the football (soccer) club. Due to this, the grant can be offered in relation to certain social objectives that may specifically be achieved through a football (soccer) club. The grant may instruct the club to carry out periodic report on account of how the funds have been utilized hence; the club should be ready to deal with that in very efficient manner (Masterman, 2007).

The amateur clubs may also find it useful when they partner with some of the charity organizations. This is helpful in the context that, the club imposing admission fees to games and used funds for some selects matches to donate to the charity organization in partnership. Through this, it is the clubs advantage of keeping the concession profits. The idea of charity partnership may influence many people who have the interest at heart of helping charity organizations achieve their mandate hence will attend the games for such reasons (Dobson & Goddard, 2011).

In undertaking the stage levels of increasing the revenues of a club, it is important to identify certain basic necessities that would propel a small community football club to levels admired by many football lovers. This includes leadership and leadership roles. Effective leadership and its accompanying roles are quite basic for any substantial prosperity in the club in terms of identifying revenue sources and implementation of the financial decisions reached or identified. In some clubs one may find only one person occupying several roles of leadership capacity. This then calls for the preparedness and willingness of individuals to assume various roles, not only designing them to a single person. In the processes they would be enhancing efficiency in performance and helping in the joint implementation of revenue decisions. The high the number of people who are committed to the club interest the lesser the task of revenue collection to the club.

Unmonitored funds will always disappear without performing what they are meant for. It is in this reasoning, that one identifies it imperative to have a club treasurer who is given the mandate of monitoring the…[continue]

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