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Guns on Campus


Of all the places in the world, one would think that the collage is the safest place for a student to be and sometimes it is not. In this paper it will be discussed whether students should be allowed to carry concealed weapons to college. The advantages of allowing students to carry a concealed weapon will be discussed and why Gun Free Zones do not work.

There are many current issues happening in the U.S. And abroad, which makes it very difficult to decide which one to choose. I chose the topic: "If students are able to carry weapons on campus." It affects all students in the United States. Dispute the right to arms has been going on with the second amendment was approved. Some people believe that the Second Amendment states that the military should only be time allowed to carry firearms. It may be good to protect the nation from outsiders, but it protects students abroad? If so, the military there is really enough to protect everyone from harm America? There are good and bad on both sides of every story, but in this case, I think you should always be ready to defend themselves and their property at any given time (around 1999). Therefore, despite the fact that people use guns to kill people, it should still be individual right to own firearms and defend themselves. As history shows, is the freedom of countries is based precisely on this dependence, and possession of this right.

This right was guaranteed to us by the second amendment to the Constitution. The second amendment was placed on the right of religious conviction, freedom of expression, freedom of press and right to seek government redress of grievances, our first amendment rights, not in vain. This is one of our civil rights and should never be taken away from us. If the laws are too strict are unable to protect our lives, our families and our property, then it should be our job to do (Rostron, 2008). The law should protect those who respect him and do not violate the law. There are many gaps in the laws protecting those who pay no respect for the law itself.


The purpose of weapons may be protective or injury at the same time. Gun tool and is inherently neutral, so weapons can not kill a person to pull the trigger. Weapons may be an element of collective and everything else that can be collected. Possess a firearm can be a hobby or can be used for hunting. Weapons can kill if it is proposed that the main goal of any weapons? In our society today, firearms, is one of the best tools and faster to kill (Moorhouse and Wanner, 2006). Which brings us to the next question? Why is America the land of freedom? America is a land of freedom, as it allows the weapons and the protection of freedom of the country. A gun is a tool that should be used by Armed forces and law enforcement. It is a tool that protects the lives and rights of law-abiding students. If a juvenile gun deaths in countries with more stringent laws, gun or any weapon? In some countries, strict gun laws would work, since the country's culture or beliefs. But "gun free" countries still have high suicide rates due to the fact that weapons are not the only tool that can be used as a weapon (Durston, 2007).

As students we should be allowed to carry weapons on campuses to protect themselves from those who prefer not to have any moral standards. According to Jones (Gallups Information Survey, 2008), "Seventy-three percent of Americans believe the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to own guns." My position on illegal concealed weapons will increase in crime finically sign. This is because criminals do not have to worry about anyone fighting with them, to protect their property. According to Cohen (Times, 2010), "Forty percent believe U.S. laws gun control should be stricter and forty-two percent felt that there should be as is." I agree, we must work with the National Rifle Association, and in more detail in allows you to carry a concealed weapon.

One of the other products in the university library, which tends to lean another way of choice and individual responsibility are more effective than laws to reduce gun violence. In this article we will learn more about illegal weapons control. It focuses on the fact that use of weapons in the violence, the violence comes from a person holding a gun. He also discusses the purchase of weapons mentally retarded. Stricter gun control is not holding a gun at the offender. The gun itself does not commit the crime, the bull and the man who pulled the trigger. Attention should focus on crime and tougher laws for repeat offenders (Deakins, 2008). We also need to improve early detection and prevention of criminal behavior.

What is the significance of firearms and the freedom that comes with it? Owner weapons responsible for the use only in a good way, and so do not use close to hurt someone for no reason. The owner of a gun should have the freedom to protect what is most valuable and what is life itself. The second amendment states that "a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State; the right of the people to keep and arms shall not be infringed" (Long, 2009, p. 25). Infringed means to breach or trespass. The Constitution is very apparent, but the Second Amendment is most likely an obvious change in the U.S. Constitution. This is the fight cry of the National Rifle Association and its associated organizations, which persist that their position is consistent with the intent of the founding fathers, is to protect the freedom of America (Long, 2009, p. 7). It is simple to realize why the Second Amendment or the idea of liberty must be construed as creating a right to keep and carry guns which contributes directly to the loading of the murder to the public.

Gun laws control did not show anything for the students. Many people believe that taking guns from obedient students does not indicate that possession of firearms offenders. If the weapons were removed from the scene, several knives, sticks, axes, broken pipes, blocks of wood, brass knuckles or fists on the question used to kill people, "Guns do not kill people, people kill people" (Zimring 2007, p. 14). The black market is open to anybody who has the money, apart from of age, race, sex or national origin. Gun laws do not control the criminals if they try to work within the legal system. The only people who suffer from gun laws controlling law-abiding student's who try to defend themselves. It should not be hard for the good guy to own a gun. Our founding fathers gave U.S. students the right to carry guns ms, and our government is trying to take a little bit away (Cornell, 2006).


Possession and carrying concealed weapons on campus is a constitutional law, and we should be able to maintain this right. I found the articles and making notes on the support of my thesis in detail and clearly. Our military is trained to protect and so I'm grateful, but can not be close at all times. My conclusions are conducted to find statistical speed my opinion on this subject (Deakins, 2008). All the authors predicted exact information needed to give the public a clear idea about what Congress and Americans think about our Second Amendment. Half of them are for more gun control, the other half think you have enough control over the situation. I think more than the regulation it will make peace.

Arms and the freedom of ownership have tremendous value, and each has a right to this freedom. As the story goes, there is no freedom without the use of firearms to protect just that. Respect begins at home, for the person, firearms, and for life. The choice made completely free to take responsibility and most of it. So yes, despite the fact that people use guns to kill people, it should still be individual right to own firearms and defend themselves (Black, 1999). Not to mention, a person is given only life once and has every right to defend it in any possible way.


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