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There are some cases where there can be a guest service agent who might be handling japans guests but may not understand what the guest exactly needs and hence will need to ask for help and may lead to a long period of waiting. This leads to decrease in the efficiency of the services the resort offers since there can be a time when there is no one available for translating and the guest has to wait until someone is available this leads to the guests getting impatient and hence it was discourage the guest from visiting the resort some other time. This is an eventual decline in international guests since there is no efficiency in handling them. The communication barrier between the staff and guests is something very bad and if not taken care of well can lead to serious negative implication to both the image of which will trickle down to the visitors of the resort.

The root cause of the problem is in the staff that is hired by the hotel management. This is in terms of their lack of training. The staff does not have any exposure or knowledge of some of the foreign languages that are spoken by the international visitors. This ultimately due to the lack of appropriate resources that are needed for employing this staff .there is also no much emphasis of such requirements as language knowledge in the job designs when they are recruiting. Therefore serious measures should be taken so that the problem to be tackled.

There was the creation of a position of the guest ambassador for the Hilton grand vacation which is one of the departments of the resort that work at the hotel side as well. The function of this position is helping in the check-in and check-out lines by giving directions to guests to the different locations for their needs as the front desk is the only one that is in a position to answer their needs and results to easing of lines .the guest ambassadors are Japanese or people who can speak the language. They offer assistance in translation at the front desk when the guest service agent or the guests are not in a position of understanding each other. The primary work of the guest ambassador is being the first person to interact with the guest and to get them develops an interest in going to the concierge desk so that they can get a welcome gift or an experience card where the guest can get discounts on prices as they shop or dine within the resort. This is not the reason why they want the guest to visit rather they want them to interact and help the guests with their needs and getting to know about the Hilton grand vacation timeshare and hoping that the guests would soon attend the presentations. This sharing of staff between departments is not a good thin g for the resort.

There are several possible solutions that need to be implemented so that the problem can be solved .raising the education level of the potential employees who seek a chance to work in the resort. This means that anyone who seeks employment should at least be conversant with one or more international languages .this will reduce the burden on other departments as well as overdependence reduction. The ultimate solution is the hiring of people who actually have knowledge of other languages and this should be in great numbers so that they can serve all the departments in the resort. This is a very feasible solution since the resort is in a position to pay as may employees as possible since there is need and they have to ensure that they have efficient service delivery to its staff. It is an acceptable solution since this is a pressing issue in the resort as there is an increase in the number of visitors and hence the resort should beef up its resources and the employees are part of the resources of the organization (Jamieson media, 2012).

To implement this solution there should be funds set aside for the taking up of new employees in the company. This means that these costs to be incurred are calculated and included in the financial plans of the organization, there should be also provision to train the current staff in these languages so that they can be retained. This calls for employees who are flexible and not rigid so that they can embrace the changes with no problem developing.

If more staff is employed then it means that all the needs of the guests are taken care of. If the guest and staff can understand each other it means that the guests will enjoy their stay in the resort and will not hesitate to come back there because they will have enjoyed their stay to the maximum. This means that there will not be any misunderstandings or miscommunications and hence the services offered by the resort will be efficient. More and more international guest will consider the option of visiting this resort s it will be clearly stated that their staff are rich in the knowledge of the various languages spoken n the world.

The outcome of whether the solution is effective can be measured by looking at the statistics on the number of new visitors from international countries that are visit in the resort for their first time.thy can also evaluate through the use of feedback that is gathered from the guests on their stay in the resort and how they found it. Finally they can seek possible rankings in the hospitality industry in terms of their service as compared to other hotels in the industry.


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