How does Service Marketing Differ from Product Marketing

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The services industry focus on lifetime customer value obtained through trust is a relatively recent share common trait (Eisingerich &?Bell, 2008) which is ironic because the world's best companies at service, including Fairmont, The Four Seasons, and Marriott Hotels are known for exemplary service and working hard to gain and keep the customers'' trust (Klaus & Maklan, 2007).. What is so much more difficult about services marketing over product marketing is that when promoting and selling the former, there is no actual "product...? to show. The marketing and selling of intangibles must sit on a foundation of trust, for without it, there is no sale and certainly no loyalty. For services marketing the challenge then is to move through the initial education phase of informing prospects what the company can deliver to them and show conclusively, through references, case studies, and even testimonials that their services are really as valuable as they are claimed to be. The rise of reference systems as is seen most predominately on and also on, in addition to the rise of social media including Facebook and Linked In all point to service marketers needing to pursue higher levels of transparency and also focus…[continue]

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