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Human Resource Management

HRM (Human Resource Management) is the advancement and management of workers of an organization. It includes recruitment processes, representation and classification of positions at work. For these to be accomplished, laws governing human capital should be followed, and appropriate strategies should be kept in place including paying attention to the employees. Good Management of human capital, determines the success of many organizations

Action training for supervisors

Disciplinary training is a case for supervisors with multiple employees, which requires laws; this will prevent employees from taking advantage of their positions or employers causing difficulties in the workplace. The law requires that the employer complies with labor laws, which include approval of agreement, between the employer, supervisor and employee while working together. They are required to identify various laws like how to handle employers, their complaints at the work place while providing safety at work. The law requires that supervisors identify the areas they do and the risks involved in those areas. This knowledge helps to handle complex tasks of the personnel in the organization. Supervisors required to provide and to know inter-personnel management skills which are approved.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is laws which require supervisors to consider the disabled people in their working environments. The organizations provide facilities to ensure the disabled meet their needs, and it is the work of the supervisor to ensure the organizations cater adequately for those needs. The ADA laws require that the supervisors establish a supply for any special needs for the disabled. FMLA laws do not require the needy to cater for themselves. FMLA laws also govern the wages and working hours of employees. It ensures that employees and supervisors assign leaves to employers while they still earn, and their working hours can be reduced without affecting their salaries. Supervisors and employees should be thoroughly acquainted with these laws because noncompliance can get them get sued.

The supervisors need to know about sexual harassment laws in the place of work. This includes discrimination on the basis of sex and age as found in Age discrimination ACT. Company policies and federal laws both cover this act. These laws prohibit discrimination on the ground of hiring, performance, firing and promotion. There are also ethics which affect different businesses. Non-compliance with these ethics, could cause the company a poor reputation, because, it may take one employer to injure the reputation and the whole company will be liable. At their positions, supervisors are least required to be at fault, it is worse if a supervisor is at fault. Some ethics laws for supervisors of multiple employers include holding different jobs, how to handle worker confidential information, bribery, and how to use a different company funds. The most serious could be how to cope when there is a conflict of interest while working for a company which is in conflict with the company.

NLRA (national labor related laws) is also recommended preventing supervisors from forcing employees to work when they think they are working under dangerous conditions. They also include nondisclosure for the employee's income and wages for the time work was done. There are also OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) policies, which govern the working conditions. Supervisors should know these conditions. This ensures protection of employees while working within the confines of the law. They include first aid requirements when injured at the work place, compensation and protection when working under dangerous conditions like wearing protective equipment or noisy environments.

How to handle the HRM situation

Employers can achieve disciplinary action training for supervisors by putting orientation as a requirement of additional supervisors, this will ensure they get the bearings and are familiar with all aspects of the job and avoid ignorance of law or some rules. This avoids unnecessary lawsuits which are long and costly. Refresher training is always necessary even for experienced supervisors. It ensures that they develop their skills in the new areas of work. This also helps them to make contributions that make the best out of employees, as with the essential skills they become more effective and productive. New employees should be given the necessary documents concerning their wages, identification and how to manage time. Establishing programs in compliance with ethics can reduce liability in courts when there is a violation of ethics. Monitoring and inspection ensures that employees and supervisors comply with ethics policies.

The best plan for a company toaddress the situation, within the framework of the law, is by providing a policy manual. This should be given to allsupervisors when they are employed. This keeps them on track as it reminds them of the policy requirements. The manual can be used to achieve different system requirements that new or promoted supervisors may need to could include; training schedule, the roles and services the supervisor will provide, problems they might encounter and how they will handle the situations.

When making these policies supervisors should be allowed to contribute. Their contribution is beneficial because they are the ones supposed to effectuate the policies, so they should see them better than other employees. The policies should not be a surprise to them, involving them would help to improve coordination within the organization. These manuals should be updated to address all upcoming issues from time to time. There could be custom handbooks for employees as well so that they can understand how to collaborate with their supervisors thus improving their workload. These manuals should be made available through emails, bulletin boards and meetings to ensure everyone has access. This reduces confusions and misunderstandings.

Justifying this approach

Training makes employees make the best out of the situations they encounter as they are equipped with the required skills, and, guidance from well trained supervisors. This increases efficiency so that there are fewer accidents. Team work is improved and strengthened. This iscost effective and less, tiring. Orientation of supervisors avoids unnecessary risks by companies like non-compliance with ethics which could cause harmful status. It ensures that supervisors are aware of their working conditions and know everything to be performed at the work place. They will supervise employees to ensure that they can comply with laws which affect them like ADA laws.

Policy manuals simplify complex operations of an organization. Processes like training and training can be included in the policy manual simplifying the organizations work. It ensures s consistency because of a working method which can be followed. This process is also costly effective, that it saves more time and is less hectic compared to holding extended training programs. Policies improve communication within the company as it has views of employers and employees in regards to policies thus improve top management. Most of the data collected is surveyed, therefore, has gathered views from the top to the employees. It is essential as it ensures that of every person's needs are catered for, therefore, a sense of satisfaction. What is implemented in turn promotes proper coordination as it has the support of everyone.

The policies are effective, because, some have predictions of potential problems due to past experiences, hence will help to solve the problems when they occur in the future. When employers are aware of what Actions the Company intends to engage in regards to problems and general issues, it reduces a lot of misunderstandings and confusions. All areas of mutual interests are addressed through this policy enactment, because everyone knows each others views. Every time policy questions arise, the management can make improvements and address key issues, this re educates supervisors on policies, which require revision, or, are not necessary, hence should beremoved.

Some companies and businesses cannot achieve without these policy manual. Because, the nature of some businesses requires understanding, which if ignored, could lead to costly mistakes. This is experienced in health care and rules on privacy…[continue]

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