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The military strengths enable the leader at hand to have a fair share of the leadership duties and capabilities in the society (Wagner, 2008).


Who do you think is the most indispensable leader in the world today, what category (from the list below) does this person belong?

I think that Barrack Obama is the most indispensable leader in the world today. Mr. Barrack Obama is one of the leaders that have come to the forefront in the general success of leadership in the present world. In most instances, Barrack Obama has come out as a leader with the capabilities of capturing the entire world with his personal skills and attributes. The strengths of this president are bestowed within the running and management of the affair of the United States of America. The entire world knows that there are fruitful avenues of managing the available avenues of growth and development in the society. Mr. Barrack Obama has stood the test of time and the filtration avenues to become of the most indispensable leaders the world has ever had. His strength and filtration parameters are compared with the capabilities explored by the past leaders like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. However, the measurement structures still put Mr. Barrack Obama as one of the most successful and indispensable leader in the society (Parvis & Miniature Book Collection, 2009).

Mr. Barrack Obama falls under the category of the business-oriented leader in the world. The political styles and intentions of Barrack Obama are bestowed upon the revival and success of all the business entities and structures in the entire world apart from the United States of America. In most cases, the business entities that have been exemplified in the society are directed at influencing a positive contribution from the people concerned and the world as a whole. The many structures of leadership and management details within the society are directed at influencing a growth and the business sectors that are run by the states, organizations, firms, and the people of the United States of America. In order to have a positive avenue of establishing and improving the lifestyles of the people in the society, Mr. Barrack Obama has undertaken equitable measures that appear to boost the lives of the people in terms of the business activities. Therefore, the leadership styles of Mr. Barrack Obama have been central to improvement of the business activities that are done by the people and the nation as a whole.

Illustrate, through referencing, why they are a leader in the chosen category

Mr. Barrack Obama is one of the business-minded leaders in the world. The business entities that are found in the society have become a success and made Mr. Barrack Obama to be one of the most indispensable leaders in the world today. For instance, the several structures within the leadership of Mr. Barrack Obama have been directed at changing the lives of people through activities of improving on the business activities, educational sector, human and social health, together with the many avenues of growth and development in the management of the society. In order to foster equitable scales of leading the country to prosperity, the Mr. Barrack Obama leadership has centered it political, military, and economical ambitions towards raising the standards of the economic situations in the country. Evidently, the avenues for growth and development in the country seek to influence and contribute positively to the entire world. This occurs without having to influence the benefits accrued to the state as a whole. The United States of America is one of the most successful and growing business centers in the world (Wolf et al., 2011). Through there are many challenges facing the economy of the country year after year, the leadership of Barrack Obama has ensured a continuous and stable avenues of assuring people of their immediate avenues of growth and development. Many other avenues of growth and development are directed at influencing a sportive contribution from the concerned parties in the society. Besides, the business management skills and successes that have been achieved by Barrack Obama have made him one of the indispensable leaders in the world.

Illustrate, through referencing, how this leader has been filtered or unfiltered

President Barrack Obama has been filtered as one of the most indispensable leaders in the world today. When Obama entered the office as one of the presidents of the United States of America, his capabilities have been reiterated from the intense speeches and avenues of improving the working mechanism within the U.S. firms and individual states of living. The filtration mechanisms reveal that most of the directional avenue in the society is directed at managing the raging scales of management. The leader is not led by his ambitions and intentions while servicing the country. He I dedicated to serving the entire world and all the other factors of production within the country. Unlike most of the leaders who have led the country to military coups and other difficulties in the economic structures, Barrack Obama has stood the ground and become one of the most valuable leaders in t economic improvements of the country. Moreover, Mr. Barrack Obama has been proved to foster equitable and equitable scales that lead to the success of the will of the people. He is not guided by his own free will. He lets the will of the country be at the forefront in the management of every endeavor in and out of the country. Moreover, he dwells within the notion that it becomes relevant to have leaders who are able to manage successful avenues of growth and development in the entire world.

Illustrate the free will given to the followers, through referencing

The followers of Mr. Barrack Obama have been assured of better living standards in the united state of America. Mr. Barrack Obama gave promises and other assurances that have been fulfilled within the tenure he has been on service. Most of the activities he has done are directed at improving the business standards and living among the people of the United States of America. Most of his followers are assured of better and improved lives since he became the president of the United States of America. Many other avenues of management are within the scales of influencing the free will of the people. He is not guided by his own intentions. Rather, the intentions and successes of the country are within the individual success of the people of the united state of America (Mukunda, 2012).

Analyze how the concept of filtration and free will make this person a great leader, illustrate with referencing.

The concept of filtration is important in the determination of the right leaders who are supposed to lead the country and be in the restructuring of the successes expected in the world today. The filtration mechanisms that have been explored are instrumental in enabling the society to elect indispensable leaders who will deliver towards the successes of the individual people and the country as a whole (Buzan et al., 2007).

What is their signature style of leadership (Charismatic, Authoritarian, Participatory, etc.) and illustrate with referencing

President Obama is one of the most charismatic leaders in the world. He has endured a number of thrilling situations and avenues showing that he has the entire charisma to win the trust of the people on the United States of America. Because of this quality, he managed to win the U.S. elections for the first and the second term. Moreover, the charismatic nature has enabled him to dwell within the social trends that cater for many followers in and outside the United States of America.


Barrack Obama is one of the good leaders when it comes to the business field in the world. In most cases, this leader is well aware of the features and the fact that bring about success of the individual people in the society. The society exists as a unitary scale that promotes the activities of the people. The leadership facets are lucrative when they consider the innate responses and capabilities established by the people in the innate societies. For instance, in order to be fruitful and technical in the society, there is a need to have a social structure that is guided by the business ideals and capabilities sin the world. Obama is one of such a leader who will take the efforts of the individual people and establish a forefront and access to further growth and development in the business sectors. Many leaders try to be successful when it comes to management of the business entities in the society. In order to be fruitful and stable in the society as far as stability I concerned, the leader should be filtered and determined of their business capabilities in the entire society. It is essential to have leaders who are…[continue]

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