Informative speech about Attention Deficit Disorder

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ADHD affects approximately 3 percent to 5 percent of all children. According to the most recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR), there are three patterns of behavior that indicate ADHD. There is the predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type, the child who is bouncing off the walls and can't sit still, but is not really inattentive, the predominantly inattentive type, or the dreamy child who might not be hyperactive, but says "huh" almost every time a teacher tries to give him or her directions, and the combined type who displays both inattentive and hyperactive and impulsive symptoms. The diagnostic guidelines also contain specific requirements for determining when a child's symptoms indicate ADHD. The child's behaviors must appear early in life, before age seven, and continue for at least six months. The behaviors must create a real handicap in at least two areas of the sufferer's life such as in school at home, or socially-or at work ("attention deficit hyperactivity Disorder." nimh, 2006).

At work, you say? What seven-year-old goes to work? Well, ADHD isn't always something people outgrow. Several recent studies indicate between 30 percent and 70 percent of children with ADHD continue to exhibit symptoms as adults ("attention deficit hyperactivity Disorder." nimh, 2006). Because of increased awareness, and the unique demands of the school environment, ADHD is usually diagnosed when someone is fairly young. But adults, sometimes even adults who aren't aware of it, can suffer from ADHD. The symptoms in adults, because adults have consciously or unconsciously tried to control them, might not be so obvious. Hyperactive adults may feel internally restless, like they have to do a million things at once. They may find it hard to control their impulses-no matter how high their IQ, they might not be able to bite their tongue and say what's on their mind. And they might have trouble screening out the worker in the cubicle next to them, and other outside stimuli and pay attention to what they need to do. To be diagnosed with ADHD, an adult must have childhood-onset, persistent, and current symptoms ("attention deficit[continue]

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