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This has to be clearly told to them. The other problem that the parents have to inform the children is regarding the development from a child to an adult, and this does not happen overnight.

At the same time, the child faces changes in the body coming along, and this is especially important for girls in the upper grades. There is also the question of family life, and this has to be introduced by the parents to the children, though there are units of teaching this in schools. Yet, the parents should introduce this subject to the children. This matter had been brought up by the parents some years to the school that they had not been able to tell the children before it was taught in class. Another subject that the parents have to inform the students is regarding current events, and the students are generally aware of it. Yet there are differences between students and this must be understood by all students. It is important for the students to let another person know their points-of-view and then the other person can add to their knowledge. This is important as the children have their inquisitive side, and are developing and must be continuously monitored, so that they grow up better. (From the Pink Section) This part of the discussion with the principal was mainly regarding the students. but, there are some other factors about these schools that she wanted us to consider.

The biggest of these problems is that the process of running schools today has become more entrepreneurial and this is compelling the efforts at increasing efficiency, changing the mix of subjects in the school and a lot of these efforts are stopped by the existing restrictions on them. This is causing frustration. This is general information and is appearing among most schools in the entire area. The reaction is high among principals rather than the district officials as they are directly facing the changes in the environment. The pressures on the school principals are expected to be higher in some districts where there are constant efforts by the superintendents to reform the public school system. This has led to situations like Massachusetts where there are no long tenures for the principals, but serve on contracts for one to three years. This power has been used to a large extent by the school superintendents after the 1993 education reform act. It is reported that more than a dozen of the 42 schools in the area have been removed. This is only a reflection of the hostility between the public schools and charter schools. There is practically no cooperation between the two types of schools, and to a certain extent the chartered schools feel that they are being punished by the old district leadership. A certain amount of difference exists between the two types of schools and this is not likely to get resolved in a hurry. (Does Charter School Competition Improve Traditional Public Schools?)

While these were the results of discussions with the principal, there are also some important questions that should be answered by all schools. These questions are being placed by the Education Commission of the States and they are directly relevant to the possible activities of the school. The first of these is the look of the school and what it wants to become. This is important as no school which has inadequate facilities for the students can ever become a good school. The next important factor is the surrounding area and the amount of noise it produces. The third question is the set of values of the school and all good schools require good objectives. The other important set of questions are regarding the type of students that the school produces regarding quality of learners, the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes of the students. The final point to be judged is the system that produces these students and the persons involved and their function. (if You Don't Know Where You're Going, How Will You Know When You Arrive?)


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