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Job Satisfaction

According to (Hulin & Judge, 2003), job satisfaction is viewed a multidimensional psychological response one has towards a their job. The responses are affective, cognitive behavioral (Hulin & Judge, 2003). There is however no clear agreement of what job satisfaction stands for given the wide usage of the term. Vroom in his definition focuses on employee's role in the work place defining job satisfaction as the effective orientation of the employee towards their roles in current employment position (Vroom, 1964). A widely accepted definition of job satisfaction is one by Spector who acknowledges job satisfaction to be the feeling people have considering the respective aspects of their job. According to the Spector it has to do with how people dislike of like their job (Mullins, 2005).

Job satisfaction represents a combination of like and dislike feeling possessed by employees towards their work assignments. To some extent, it has been argued that job satisfaction is related to the extent that an employee's expectations are met by the job (Mullins, 2005)Job satisfaction counts for a sense of achievement that an employee perceives in relation to their productivity in the job as-well-as their personal well-being. (Kaliski, 2007) argues that Job satisfaction is the enthusiasm and happiness one has in undertaking a task. The recognition that follows through income rises, promotion, and attainment of related goals add to the job satisfaction.

(Armstrong, 2006)presents his definition of job satisfaction as the feeling and attitude people have about their work. Job satisfaction is indicated by their favorable and positive attitudes employees show towards a job. The opposite of this shows dissatisfaction with the job. To complement this definitions (George & Jones, 2008)defines job satisfaction as a collection of feeling and beliefs that people poses in regards to their current jobs. Employees in a work place can have differing attitudes towards various aspects of their jobs and co-workers there influencing the a prorportionate in the job satisfaction measures (George & Jones, 2008). According to (George & Jones, 2008) satisfaction can range from extreme satisfaction to extreme dissatisfaction.

Organizational Socialization and Job Satisfaction

Organizational socialization is the measure that an individual makes sense of the surrounding at work place understanding the values, methods and beliefs (Gruman et al., 2006). It is a process of appreciating the shared values, social knowledge and expected behaviors crucial in adopting an organizational role and enabling to participate as a member of the organization (Hulin & Judge, 2003). Organizational Socialization contributes to a wide variety of outcomes within an organization especially so in the early stages of employment. According to (Shaemi, Ali, Asghari, & Jhila, 2010) organizational socialization has a part to play in influencing possible job satisfaction.

Organizational socialization significantly influences attitudes, involvement and motivation of employees in an organization's affairs. Higher levels of job motivation, satisfaction, and involvement can be noticed among employees who have been effectively socialized in aspects of the organization (Hulin & Judge, 2003). Organization socialization is an aspect that can breed stress or yield satisfaction. In the case of a new worker, the work place, the co-workers, the job, the organization culture and the work environment are all unfamiliar grounds. The unfamiliarity breeds anxiety and uneasiness that causes stress. Organizational socialization hastens the pace to help an individual to learn and adopt the various aspects of the organization. The new employee is capacitated to handle various aspects of the organization that may seem unconventional in their previous community. With ease in adoption to the new environment it is possible for a new employee to hold a positive attitude and, participate in the organizations objectives effectively.

Motivation to learn and motivation to transfer are considered as important determinant of training effectiveness (George & Jones, 2008). Given the immense amount of learning required of newcomers, one would expect that "newcomers" motivation to learn will facilitate task, role, group, and organizational socialization and motivation to transfer will facilitate "newcomers" application of what they learn. Along these lines, (Gruman et al., 2006) explain organizational socialization can facilitate to "newcomers" motivation in participating in organization's activities and their subsequent commitment to self-efficacy. It is therefore emphasized that grounds for organizational socialization be created to ensure that motivation to prepare participants to receive maximum job…[continue]

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