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Mail Survey

Social Research Studies: Mail Survey

Social Science Research: Mail Survey

Various researches are carried out at community level to assist in creating awareness, curbing a social issue or even to educating the public on concerning matters. In conducting these research works, it is considered imperative to recognize basic research terminologies and related concepts, especially while dealing with social science researches. This contextual aspect of research is a cornerstone to the established of best research methodologies of retrieving information from community-sensitive issues such as child abuse.

Differentiate among the various types of research methods used in social sciences

Qualitative designs: this research method depends on the data collected, which is primarily based on certain facts that affects the basis of the study. This type or research design draws its conclusion from analysis of the data collected. However, it is important to mention that qualitative studies can be influenced and be subjective. Qualitative studies include

Quantitative design: these are also referred to as statistical studies. These studies rely on the collection of numerical data, which is compiled and tabulated in order to make a conclusion.

Case study: this study involves a comprehensive research on a given unit. The research takes a closer look at the unit to be studied and takes ant data, which is directly obtained, from the given unit under direct observation of current trends and events taking place.

Survey method: the idea in this method relies on the need of research expressed by the researcher. Survey methods are comparable to experimental design. However, the conclusions from survey methods are drawn from the basis of the study. In this type of research, a hypothesis is necessary to direct the research.

Experimental design: In this study, the research sets a certain experiment amongst his or her specified subjects. The circumstance of the study is controlled by the researcher.

Questionnaire research method: this type is principally based on questions set concerning the area of subject of study. The researcher releases the questions to people to answer the questions given.

How will you ask questions about a sensitive topic such as child abuse?

The best way to ask sensitive questions is by using open-ended question. The question should not be directed to the respondent but expressed indirectly to give an open chance for the respondent to answer or make a general contribution (Royse, Thyer & Padgett, 2009).

For instance, what is your opinion about jail sentences on rapists? Such a question is open as the respondent can give his or her own experience on the same or refer to a certain incident.

Why would a respondent want to answer questions that are sensitive in nature?

Although it may be difficult, respondents may answer such questions as a way of expressing deep thoughts on a given subject. In addition, a respondent may open up on his or her thoughts on a given subject as a means of finding a solution to solve a problem and prevent further damages and sad occurrences (Marsden & Wright, 2010).

In what social programs are, you most interested?

The social program I would like to engage include food and security programs in the countryside. The programs in these areas pay a leading role in maintaining an average living standard for the less fortunate people living below the poverty line.

What type of evaluative research has been conducted on this topic?

A lot of research has been done concerning food and security programs to establish the demand for both security and food amongst the people. It is fundamental to understand these aspects as they determine the need of the people in the given area. For instance, food programs would require to know the population of the area, and to understand the living standards of the people in the given area. In the report by Klug and Tim (2012), researches are done on social food programs by WFP and FAO to know the relief required in different areas.

Would it be appropriate to conduct a needs assessment, cost-benefit or outcomes assessment study?

Conducting researches is primary in providing relief and the running of social programs. This is primary due to the need to know the depth of the problem and device better means to address the issue at hand and solve the problem by meeting the demand of the people.

BCAC is a program that advocates and campaigns against child abuse. The program centres its effort in Baltimore protects and takes care of reported victimised children including their families (Schwartzman, 2012).

According to the article, how was the success of the program measured?

According to the article, the program uses social sites to communicate to its members and fans. Hence, the success of the program is measured by the response of the community members in Baltimore (Schwartzman, 2012).

Having done Social Science research, I must admit that these sessions have been eye opening. I have learnt implements and concepts that are applicable to my daily routines. I plan to use my knowledge in my area of expertise to perform social researches and reports.

Comment of Megan Harris posting dated July 2, 2012.

This posting has been well composed. It has a clear introduction about the course. The author has highlighted the key interests and concepts learnt in through the course. In addition, it is brief and to the point.

Mail Survey: Happiness in current job/career/occupation

Introduction and description of study

The research has been design to establish specifically employee's views about their jobs satisfaction in the various departments of the company. The survey consists of 75 employees. At least 15 employees are selected from every department including departmental leaders. The survey is done using a mail survey whereby various employees selected randomly will be mailed questionnaires with questions to determine their experiences at work. In order to enhance response, each participant will receive a phone call to establish the position of the participant in the study.

Cover letter

Human Resource Manager


Questionnaire: Happiness in current job/career/occupation


Please answer the following questions basing on your own personal experience at the company. In case you cannot answer, any questions kindly skip it to the next one. This exercise will take about 5 minutes.

1) In what department do you work?

2) Describe your working experience at the department

a. Very Satisfied

b. Satisfied

c. Unsatisfied

d. Very Unsatisfied

3) Give an opinion about your relationship with your supervisor

a. Very Satisfied

b. Satisfied

c. Unsatisfied

d. Very Unsatisfied

4) Do you prefer working with particular people in your department?

a) Yes

b) No

5) Does your supervisor have any biases in terms of allocating duties?

a. Yes

b. No

6) Would you like to switch to another department

a. Yes

b. No

7) List at least three challenges you experience that hinder you from performing well in your line of duty

8) List at least three aspects that can be implemented to improve your productivity in the company.

9) According to your experience, how can you gauge the current state of the company?

10) Does your job meet all your requirements and expectations? Why or why not?


Klug, F., & Tim, H. (2012, January 30). More heavy rain hits N. Korea, flooding buildings. The San Francisco Chronicle, Retrieved from heavy-rain-hits-NKorea-flooding-buildings-3746024.php

Marsden, P. V and Wright, J.D. (2010). Handbook of Survey Research. London: Emerald Group Publishing.

Royse, D., Thyer, B. A and Padgett, D.K. (2009). Program Evaluation: An Introduction. New York: Cengage Learning.

Schwartzman, S. (July 30, 2012). SocialToaster Amplifies Baltimore Child Abuse Center (BCAC)'s Efforts to Increase Social Sharing and Secures Votes Needed to Win Liberty Mutual Insurance's Like My Baltimore Campaign. Market Watch. Retrieved from

Cases of Child Abuse in the U.S.

Many children end up suffering due to lack of proper care and protection, which exposes them to dangers of child abuse. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, there are 2.5 million reported cases of child abuse in the U.S. each year. In order to determine the cause of such trends it is beneficial to perform a survey, which will provide necessary information that will help prevent child abuse in the future. This questionnaire is meant to perform a study to establish the rate of child abuse.


To whom you would administer your survey, and why?

The target people for the questionnaires are parents, guardians, teachers, nurses, and doctors. The parents, guardians, teachers, nurses, and doctors are the right people who can give sufficient information concerning children. These people have direct contact with children. In addition, most children can easily confide with these people. Hence, they can easily obtain raw information form them, which is fundamental for the survey.


The Child abuse survey will be done within the school neighbourhood. The questionnaire will be randomly distributed in the neighbourhood. A collection point will be set at the entrances of supermarkets where filled questionnaires can be dropped by the participants.



Please answer the following questions basing on your understanding about…[continue]

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