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(Rutten 2007)

The biggest weakness that is facing is the resistance to new technology within the industry. In this case, the company will more than likely have wrestle with, the inability of many health care providers and doctors to embrace the use of this new technology. Where, they are reluctant to utilize these kinds of solutions, for out of fear of reducing the overall quality of services being provided. Evidence of this can be seen with information compiled by National Institute of Health. They determined that the majority of patients would like to see the use of it technology as a part of their total health care solution. Yet, the industry is hesitant about these changes as there are: larger upfront costs, learning curves and there is the possibility of increased security issues. This is important, because it shows the biggest challenge that will more than likely have to address in the future (as many health care providers and doctors could drag their feet on implementing these improvements). (Rutten 2007)

The opportunities from this strategy are that can be able to redefine the way medicine is practiced, by incorporating these different solutions together. This is important, because given the fact that patients want to have improved access to their doctors, means that the company can address this need. Once the basic strategy is being readily embraced, this will help them to create viable business model that will address this demand. At the same time, this would help to reduce health care costs and improve quality, by allowing patients to find the physician that will address these needs. When you these two elements together, this could create a situation where the website could become an overnight sensation, through addressing these challenges. At which point, they can begin to redefine the way health care services are being delivered. (Rutten 2007)

The biggest threats that the company is facing are from a lack of willingness to implement these solutions. The reason why this could occur is: many health care providers and doctors will claim that the company is taking a one size fits all approach (when it comes to medicine). Where, they will point out how not everyone wants to receive their health care services using different it solutions. Instead, most people like to have face-to-face interaction with their doctor. This is important, because traditional medicine is based upon a close working relationship of the patient and physician. When you take this away from them, there is the realistic possibility that the overall quality of services could decline. The reason why is because, the Internet can make this kind of interaction less personal. At which point, the odds increase that the individual will not seek out assistance for various health care solutions. This is significant, because it showing how the current approach, could lead to possible challenges down the road for company. As many hospitals and doctors do not want to use this model, because it reduces the possibility that they could see a reduction in the overall quality of services being provided. (Paulus 1235 -- 1245)


When is implementing this new business model, there are going to be a number of different stakeholders who will receive various benefits from the new solutions that are being implemented. These include: patients, investors, doctors / nurses, independent health care workers, company employees, the media and the general public. In the case of patient, they will be able to receive lower cost and better services. This is because they can read various reviews about different doctors (from other patients) and the can compare prices. At which point, they will be able to save money and work with the best physician possible (who can address their underlying needs). Investors will benefit, from being on the ground floor of a new project that has the ability to redefine health care as we know it. This will help to provide them with above average long-term returns by becoming a part of the organization early. The doctors / nurses can benefit by: increasing their total number of patients and they can help more people. Independent health care workers can take advantage from these changes by being able to determine what patients they will see. Company employees will have an interest in the success of the organization, as they are supporting and helping to implement new changes in the industry. The media would benefit, because they could conduct a number of different stories about: these changes that are taking place and how this is having an effect on the organization. The general public would have vested interest in these changes, as this solution could help reduce costs and increase the overall quality of services that are being provided. When you put these different elements together, they are highlighting how can be able to refine the industry by addressing the different needs all of the stakeholders. At which point, they can be able to reach out to these individuals, by increasing the exposure and the positive benefits that the company is providing.


To market the company you would have to use an online and offline solution. As far as online solutions are concerned would have to use a number of different tools to reach out to patient and doctors. The most notable include: Google Ads, placing your banner ad on similar sites of interest and posting articles at a number of different health care websites. In this case, these different solutions will target both: patients and health care professionals, by using these tools together to effectively reach out to them. Once this takes place, it means that everyone can discover (in their own way) how could address these unique challenges. ("Marketing Your Web Site's Organization")

In the case of offline marketing a strategy would have to be utilize that would focus on the U.S. And more specifically Houston. In both situations you would use a similar strategy to target both patients and doctors. This would include: conducting a direct mail campaign, advertising on numerous mediums (the television, the radio as well as in newspapers) and you would have traditional salesman conduct the various doctors' offices locally (to promote the services). This is important, because it will allow the company to be able to adapt to reach out to various offline segments, improving the overall effectiveness of the marketing strategy that is being utilized. ("Marketing Your Web Site's Organization")


Clearly, has unique business model that can be able to redefine the way health care services are being delivered to the general public. In this case, this means that the company must be able to use a strategy that could address: the underlying challenges and promotes the business simultaneously. As a result, the company needs to create strategies that will support the viability of the organization over the long-term. This is important, because the use of it solutions in health care is not readily available. Part of the reason for this, is because some health care professionals are concerned that this could be applying a one size fits all solution to the problem. At the same time, many patients want to be able to: compare prices, services and communicate with their doctor through the Internet. This is challenging, because needs to be able to balance these different views against one another, when creating strategies that will address this complicated issue.

Therefore, the company must use an innovate solution that will reach out to the different stakeholders. One way that this can be accomplished is through using both online and offline strategies. At the same time, it would be advisable to slowly integrate these people to the site, by offering them some kind of limited free trial. This would help to promote the new business model, through having everyone see how these different services and the approach that is being taken can benefit them. Once this occurs, is when an actual shift can take place in how this technology is being utilized. Where, the different stakeholders can see the overall benefits that this is providing to everyone. At which point, the odds increase that this model will be readily embraced, because the company was focused on different ways to improve sustainability. This is the point that can have a major impact in redefining the way various health care services are being delivered.


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