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Money makes the mare go. Majority of the business today is conducted to multiply our wealth. Yet there are people working for noble cause too. The Non-Profit organizations or the non-government organizations are those working for the betterment of mankind and their purpose of existence is humanitarian work rather money making. While their objectives are different from organizations interested only in increasing revenues and income, these NPOs and NGOs however face same problems related to organizational structure, leadership, governance and ethical issues more or less as same level. This paper analyzes what specific legal, governance and ethical issues are faced by Save the Children International. The Save the Children is described by The Global Journal as one of the leading NGO in the world (Top 100 NGOs list, 2012).

Save the Children International

In 2012, the not for profit organization Save the Children was listed as 18th largest global NGO. The company serves of humanitarian ground since almost a century after it was established by Eglantyne Jebb who worked at Oxford. The purpose of Save of Children was to support 'children of the enemy' during World War I. The company claims to have helped around 100 million people that were suffering and it operates in about 120 countries making lives better. The current Save the Children International was formed when 29 separate organizations entered alliance. These companies, to pursue efficiency, combined their assets and expertise.


Save the Children International has the vision to improve lives of children by offering them shelter, food, protection, education, health, child rights governance, and recovery.

Mission Statement

The mission of the company is to have a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.


The company was initially formed to help the children of the enemies but today it operates in over hundred countries believing that c child in need should be assisted despite his orientation. The company serves children and families during and after floods, earth quakes, and draughts. The recent ventures of the company include flood relief in Pakistan, reconstruction after earthquake in Haiti and serving in Niger for providing food security. The company is highly focused on reducing rates of infant mortality especially in the poor economies. The company operates for children through educational and economic programs. The organization was basically formed to fight miseries in war hit areas and its operations today help children seek opportunities for development too. Today, there are millions of children getting education because of efforts of the company and its projects.

Programs of Save the Children International

Save the Children operates several different projects. The company is working in sectors of protection, survival, education, health, HIV and AIDs, social development and rehabilitation. These programs are briefly introduced below:

Protecting Children:

Save the Children is committed to offer children protection from abuse, exploitation, violence and neglect. The company offers child protection in all the regions of the world. The employees of company find about most vulnerable children. The company seeks cooperation of state, international establishments, and local public partners to improve child protection. The company proudly claims to have helped 3.4 million children in the year 2012.


The survival of child and infant is main concern of the company. Save the Children acknowledges that a child cannot survive without elder's support. There is a child surviving to live every second and to company makes efforts to maintain child survival through public awareness. Children survival is achieved through controlling factors leading to child death, minimizing newborn complications, diarrhea, malaria, pneumonia, and malnutrition.


The company offers literacy boost programs through which the children are helped to learn through informal methods. The company believes that a child can follow his potential only through education. The education is worth nothing if there is no quality education. The organization does not only focus on child education but also through teacher training. It trains parents so that they can understand the educational needs of a child. The programs of organization educated total 9 million children by 2012.


The company is vigilant in responding to emergency situations in the world. Since it is not known when and which area can be struck by natural disaster, yet it is a common understanding that child suffering is high during such catastrophes. The children are not only helped to recover the trauma of disaster but also to start a normal life once again. The services company offers during calamity are food, shelter, safety, health and comfort.


Reports say that millions of people are suffering from AIDS and about 3.4 million of them are children. The organization works to spread awareness among parents and offers child protection programs against HIV / AIDS. The company says that reducing child abuse and violence would result into reduction and control in HOV/AIDS in children.

Hunger and Livelihoods

Hunger in poor countries is a very critical issue. The company is serving areas affected by hunger and starvation issues. Its projects in rural Guatemala assist and feed undernourished preschoolers. The organization offers support to families so that they can offer them health and education. It improves farming facilities so that malnutrition can be fought.


While the company has served millions of people round the world since its inception, the number of countries is no less than 120 countries. The names of these countries include USA, Europe, Sudan, Uganda, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Haiti, Guatemala etc. The organization does not take time to reach areas hit by war, poverty or disaster. It is among the first organizations to reach the areas where children population is facing health or protection issues. The company serves in African countries too where the poverty is so high that education comes far after health since the child survival is at stake.


The company is working to offer health and education facilities. The company faces the challenges of cultural compliance in the countries it operates. While it is easy to be accepted in poverty hit areas, the company faces challenges in war hit areas. The company is blamed that since it operates in more than half the countries in world, CIA operatives also work in undercover of organization. The company has been working in Pakistan to fight poverty and polio. However, its employees have been alleged to be involved in carrying out CIA operations in the country risking the solidarity of company. Other ethical issues the company has faced are using inappropriate images of the children that violate child's integrity. Fighting children and poor people images hurts the feelings of those deprived from privileges of modern society.


The company has a worldwide fame but it faced criticism when it used negative images of children in its campaigns. Also, the company was asked to be expelled from Pakistan on September 6, 2012. The state demanded the expulsion of foreign staff since the employees of the company have worked with intelligence forces working to conduct the operations on Osama in 2011. Dr. Shakil Afridi was an employee of the organization who was arrested for conducting fake vaccination campaign that was sponsored by CIA. While the company denied owning Dr. Afridi, the image of the company declined. The country director of Save the Children in Pakistan Michael McGrath is alleged to have recruited Dr. Afridi. The leadership of the organization faces question marks that affect its future operations in the leadership. The management and leadership have a dominant role to define destiny of an organization (Chait, Ryan and Taylor, 2005). The leadership has publically not fought its case. While the case is still not successfully won by the company, Dr. Afridi is still under arrest and his association with company is neither proved nor falsified. The company is facing the challenges to improve its image that it does not collaborate with CIA and complains that CIA operations and intelligence hurts the image of company. The employees of the country also feel unsafe declaring their identities in public areas of poor regions fearing opposition.

The companies also faced another setback when the U.S. Universities Deans condemned the CIA operations in Pakistan under the cover of Save the Children. Thus not only in Pakistan but in America too, the organization was alleged to have unethically supported the intelligence cause. The legal implications of the case can worsen if the medical and healthcare industry feels the same and tries to ban Save the Children since its operations might hurt the image of overall humanitarian organizations. Also, the company faces the challenge to report all its finances to the regulatory bodies in the host country.

Ethical Considerations

In January 2013, the Deans of twelve top U.S. schools of public health sent a letter to President Obama protesting the entanglement of intelligence operations in public health campaigns. In the letter it was mentioned that resistance in poor countries against polio and other vaccinations has increased after CIA and Save the Children's hunt for Osama bin Laden in 2011. The public mistrust on vaccines…[continue]

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