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(SA AIDS Drugs Company Set for Africa Sales)

The immense market potential for anti-retrovirals will signify a huge bonus for the company and also its shareholders. 8% of the roughly 4 million people in Mozambique are in need of the treatment for HIV / AIDS and were getting it. The fact of the matter is that HIV / AIDS has long been noted for it potential capability for raking in more money and the SA Cabinet some years ago had already stated its strong interest in the lucrative local development of AIDS drugs in the abortive Virodene experiment. The company obtained sanction from the U.S. Federal Drug Administration for certain of its anti-AIDS medicines as was of late given the award for the biggest share of the South African government anti-retroviral drug tenders. This is in greater measure part because it possesses a good BEE profile, assuring the support of the state. Black control will intensify at the time when a new BEE funding deal is finalized and more than 5% of the equity will be owned by the blacks. (SA AIDS Drugs Company Set for Africa Sales)

Online Medicine Supply:

The Internet has been instrumental in creating a revolution in the healthcare information and communication. Patients are getting information, education and support through online sources. They are purchasing products, looking for treatment and accessing support all through online sources. Physicians are using the power of the Internet in order to communicate and remain up-to-date with the recent advances in the field of medicine and the figures just keep going. Currently more than 343 million health seekers can be reached online. During 2004, the number of people seeking health solutions through online sources on the Internet sources was estimated to be 545 million. The capacity for healthcare business is unbelievable, however with the presence of a lot of websites associated with health matters, it is crucial that a heath professionals and consumers are able to locate the website, buy the products and choose the services which the company is giving on offer. (Marketing Medicine: Insider Secrets to online healthcare Marketing)

Economic Influences:

Because of the state of health and immunization position of Mozambique, location and the local disease situation, bubonic plague, cholera, dengue fever, hepatitis A, malaria, meningitis, schistosomiasis, and typhoid fever can happen in Mozambique. Medical services might be very expensive and advance payment might be needed. The country of Mozambique is among the successful ones of Africa and it is making good economic progress. The economy had reforms in the form of elimination of subsidies and quantitative restrictions on imports, the lowering and simplification of import tariffs and the liberalization of crop marketing. (Mozambique Overview) significant privatization program taking into account the complete banking sector and state manufacturing companies constitutes one more active step towards economic reforms. The country possesses the natural resources to sustain the development of the agriculture, fishing, energy and tourism industries. Situated in an ideal trading location, increased exports in these regions will enhance the amount of foreign exchange brought into the nation. The region's closeness to South Africa has led to a range of important projects which support continued enhanced levels of growth. The major items exported are agricultural products, coal and energy. The economy is agriculture based. Industrial development has been sluggish due to the result of the civil war which devastated the transport system and other infrastructure.

Mozambique has significant mineral resources in spite of limited exploitation. The nation's oil and gas industry too has capabilities. Electricity is being provided by the parastatal utility. The nation exports to the South Africa from the Caborra Bass hydro-electric facility. The various indicators which is on a slide, depicts that the country's economy will possibly go on in its successful growth path. The government adopted new tax codes and raised the fuel taxes so as to correct the impact of previous inflation. During the year 2001 FDI was U.S.$479.9 million. And the GDP of the nation was U.S.$3.9 billion in 2002, 23.3% of which was comprised of agriculture, 31% industry and services accounted for 45.7%. (Mozambique Overview)

The National Health System -- NHS is the primary service provider of allopathic service in Mozambique. The level I of NHS which are the health centres and health posts provide a sizable proportion of the total volume of health services within the country and consists of the first and sometimes sole point of contact with the health system for a considerable part of the Mozambican population. The present approach to the delivery of primary -level health services in Mozambique has been quite highly efficient. In the background of extremely limited human and material resources, the NHS has managed an enhancement in the coverage of the health system since the last decade through an increase of health facility infrastructure and health sector staff. This has allowed for a considerable augmentation of the aggregate service outputs. (Public Services Research: Expenditure Tracking and Service Delivery Survey the Health Sector in Mozambique)

Nevertheless, there is even proof of marked problems in the service delivery like low technical quality, absence of drugs and equipment, low staff morale, and informal charging. Apart from poorly executing Management Information System, scant less information is there regarding the process through which the resources are allocated among the districts as also as between the facilities within the districts. (Public Services Research: Expenditure Tracking and Service Delivery Survey the Health Sector in Mozambique)


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