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Standards Organizations Set

In "How organizational standards and coworker support improve restaurant service, Alex Susskind, K. Kacmar, and Carl Borchgrevink (2007) present an analysis of restaurant management. The writer contends a number of points aptly apply to the culinary school. "Standards for service are an important part of an organization's mission because they provide the foundation on which services are produced, delivered, and evaluated." Susskind, Kacmar, and Carl Borchgrevink (2007) stress. In addition, managerial philosophies, as well as the values of an organization's internal business practices impact the actions, attitudes, well being and performance of service employees and/or students/staff members.

Intern Responsibilities

Responsibilities this writer fulfils during the intern tenure include, but may not be limited to the following:

Accepting and filling teachers' requisitions for their cooking classes;

Ensuring the store room remains organized;

Breaking down and portioning materials purchased in bulk into more manageable, smaller portions so products/ingredients will be sufficient for each class.

Monitoring quality of products purchased to ensure they are first quality; refusing to accept inferior products.

Addressing questions or concerns students present regarding particular items.

Adhering to school requirements stipulating cleanliness and sanitation.

The Intern's (the Writer's) Purpose

In "How to make an internship work for you," Amy Lindgren (2003) describes an internship as a combination of volunteer work and apprenticeships. As in volunteer work, Lindgen notes, an intern does not receive a salary and his/her commitment is usually short-term. Similar to an apprentice, the intern obtains a structured work experience, along with goals for skill development. The purpose of the writer of this paper, as an intern in a culinary school, congruent with points Lindgren (2003) recounts, is to obtain work experience and develop skills in the culinary field.

The Intern's (the Writer's) Business Along with learning culinary skills, the writer's business aims will be to utilize the time invested in the intern program to confirm exactly what career path to pursue upon graduation. This internship time will help the writer insight into what a full time career in the culinary field may involve and require.

The Intern's (the Writer's) Principles/Values

Mathis Schulte, Cheri Ostroff, and Angelo Kinicki,. (2006) relate consideration regarding attitudes and behaviors in "Organizational climate systems and psychological climate perceptions: a cross-level study of climate-satisfaction relationships." "Employee attitudes and behaviours may not only be influenced by one's personal perceptions of the work environment but also by the shared perceptions of co-workers," Schulte, Ostroff, and Kinicki stress. As the writer/intern values learning/work in a positive environment, this reminder encourages the writer/intern to make a point to encourage others in positive ways.

Reason to Intern Serving in an internship, the writer/intern notes, presents challenges. Meeting challenges, however will help better equip the intern for future challenges in the work world. The internship also answers primary questions relating to the culinary field in ways that sometimes surpasses information the student merely reads in books.


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