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Part 2. A. SLOT

In order to reach a better self-evaluation, it is important to bear in mind which are my strengths and my limits, as well as the deriving threats and opportunities. Naturally, the future development can come only through the diminishing of the threats and the increase of the opportunities.

As far as my strong points are concerned, I could start with the capacity to see the positive in every situation. This does not mean being optimistic to the point of becoming stupid, but rather keeping an open mind and knowing that through intelligent steps, opportunities can be created to your advantage. In addition, I challenge convention. I believe that flexibility is fundamental and that one should do what he considers best, regardless of what the others or society in general might try to impose.

As far as the leadership style is concerned, I assume both authoritative and democratic dimension. I believe that people must be listened to and stimulated in order to give their best. At the same time however, I believe that a leader must impose his authority and act as an example for the others.

I am a quick thinker and always forward looking. This implies a strong capacity to adapt to new situations, as well as the will to deal with unexpected circumstances. I am definitely action-oriented and I like to rise to the challenge. I find challenges stimulating and I like to react to them through action.

Furthermore, I could speak about a strong work ethics. I believe in honesty and in respecting the others. When it comes to other personal characteristics, I am intuitive and optimistic. One of the most important strengths that I have I lies in the capacity to motivate the others to achieve the impossible. The fact that I have seven years of combined work also works to my advantage. Furthermore, I have a forthcoming graduate degree in finance which implies that I have a very solid theoretic background.

As far as the limitations are concerned, well, I tend to answer questions before they have been asked. My needs for variety may leave some tasks incomplete. An important limitation is the tendency to protect my ego against all comers. I avoid showing my true feelings. I get so involved in the idea generation process, giving birth to so many ideas, that chaos often might occur. Since challenge is a motivational factor for me, I tend to quickly lose interest if the challenge diminishes. I also tend to become defensive or dictatorial when I am being challenged. I don't like routine tasks and I avoid them. The fact that I tend to demonstrate that I know the answer before the very question was asked might make me seem as self opinionated.

The opportunities which I have include the higher demand for experts in the field of finance in Saudi Arabia. The fact that I have an Arabian cultural background, combined with study and experience abroad is very important. I could also pursue a higher degree in my field. In addition, there are various career opportunities in the government/private sector. Strengthening my network is a further opportunity I could consider.

When it comes to the threats I am faced with, I must mention that graduating during a financial crisis is something not to be ignored. Financial experts are desirable during financial crises, but only of they have the necessary background to provide people and companies with powerful decisions that can bring both short-term and long-term improvements. Such is not the case with my personal example.

Furthermore, over the past six years the Saudi government sent over an enormous number of students abroad and this will definitely crate a stronger competition in the workforce. The fact that more people have access to the resources which are necessary to introduce you in the business leadership area means that the difference will be made in the area of experience. Hence the challenge.

2.B. Leadership development plan.

My first goal is to finish the masters degree with outstanding result. The resources which I need are time and the capacity to concentrate, as well as the concentartion necessary not to let the objective out of sight. I will know I have achieved this goal if by the end of the masters degree I will get a type of recognition or awarding which was similar to the one I got during the university years. Passing the exams with a high degree is one of the conditions, but it is not sufficient. Engaging in discussions with the professors, as well as with my colleagues is one of the actions which could help me achieve this goal.

The second goal I set myself is the development of my research skills. Since economics theory is important, I believe that research on challenging themes might be a differentiating advantage which could be added to the strengths and opportunities sections. I will have achieved this goal if by the end of the masters degree studies I will have finished a research paper with relevant conclusions. Time is one of the most important resources in this direction. In addition, I need the help and guidance from my professors. In addition, the will and determination to pull through with the project are needed. Hard work and discipline are other important resources.

The third goal which I set myself is that of becoming a better listener and a better team player. Just like the limitations suggest it I might tend to be too proud and not listen properly. The fact that I get emotional when I get challenged and act in a dictatorial kind of way is not a positive thing for a future leader. I will know I have achieved this goal when I will no longer have reactions of this type when confronted with similar circumstances. The deadline I set myself in order to achieve this goal is by the end of the masters degree. As far as the actions which the achieving of this goal requires, they refer to a variety of projects made with other people. Team work is the key to solving the problem. I could try for example to play other roles, other than that of team leader in order to see how that makes me feel and what I can learn from it.

The fourth goal is having a stronger self-confidence. I believe that my dislike of being challenged as well as my ego tendencies to defend myself from new comers might be connected with the self-confidence issue. I will know I have achieved this purpose when I am able to discuss my decisions with people who challenge them in a calm and open minded manner. The deadline I set myself for achieving this goal is set to the end of the masters degree. The instruments that could help me include team work, as well as debate sessions. These could help create a sort of discipline and also increased capacities of understanding the mechanisms through which good argumentation can be made. Taking up a debate course, as well as studying rhetoric is what I plan to do in order to achieve this fourth goal since I believe it could diminish my limitations and increase my strengths, offering me with a better opportunity of becoming a good leader.[continue]

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