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Metropolitan Police Department

General Occurrence Report

Officer Badge No: 1234 Officer Name: Dawn Dwinell Incident No: 1234

Incident Type: Break and Enter

Incident Date: March 14, 2002 Time: 0130

Report Date: March 14, 2002 Time: 0600

Details How Committed: It appears that the subject gained entry through an open kitchen window.

Weapons or Tools Used: None

Property General Description: 26" Sony Television, Sony VCR, Sony Playstation, IBM computer

Value of Loss: $2600 Value of Damage: $0 Recovery Value: $2600


On Thursday, March 14 2002 at 0120, Constable Dwinell was dispatched to 41 Anywhere Drive to take a report on a break and enter.

The complainant Mr. Louigi Lasterommi met Constable Dwinell. Mr. Lasterommi told Constable Dwinell that when he returned home at approximately 0110, he discovered that his kitchen window had been left open. Upon inspecting the house, he discovered that his 26-inch Sony television, Sony VCR, Sony Playstation and IBM computer were missing. Mr. Lasterommi stated the value of the missing items was $2600. Constable Dwinell checked the house for indications of additional damage or theft and found none. Constable Dwinell concluded that the open window was the most likely point of entry.

Constable Dwinell advised Mr.…[continue]

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