Positive impact of business ethics and 'social responsibilty on a company

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This act has two major sections that are relevant to this essay. First, the provisions of the FCPA specifically prohibit:

Issuers, domestic concerns, and any person from making use of interstate commerce corruptly, in furtherance of an offer or payment of anything of value to a foreign official, foreign political party, or candidate for political office, for the purpose of influencing any act of that foreign official in violation of the duty of that official, or to secure any improper advantage in order to obtain or retain business (Criminal Division - U.S. Department of Justice 2009); ("Foreign Corrupt Practices Act," 2009).

Discussion - The standard view holds that the sole responsibility of management is to generate the greatest possible financial return for shareholders. This view focuses on fiscal responsibilities and expertise and argues that manager are neither equipped nor assigned to managing a global project morally - social goals are outside the purview of the business model and clearly outside their own person responsibilities to their stakeholders. Additionally, focusing too farm on moral issues and too little on profit (Cruver 1999; Savage and McEltory 2005).

The entire purpose of doing business globally is to grow the company, find more customers in a way that it the most appropriates l for the company. It would not make sense to trade abroad if there were no advantages - be that tax incentives, greater profits, less regulation, different prices for workers, etc. Companies do need to keep in mind that customs and laws are different in each different company, but remain staunch in their desire to relocate in areas where the labor is inexpensive and laws are less restrictive (Mayfield 2003). A contrary view is called the "socio-economic" view of foreign trade. This view argues that companies must, but the very nature of competition; respond to the evolving changes within that society. Simply looking at the profit structure does not tell the entire story and is a rather myopic view for a company, especially one investing a great deal of money relocate. Doing business internationally can proactively and positively affect the load economy as well gain long-term viability and good-will for the company - as well AE become a significant marketing tool (Stackhouse…[continue]

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